Top VIP Bonuses 2023

Nearly every live casino today invests heavily in promotional campaigns. These campaigns or bonuses serve to entice more punters to sign up with their platforms, keep existing players, and encourage punters to play or bet more often. There are numerous live casinos today, and the number keeps growing by the day. As such, live casino operators are forced to offer attractive bonuses for them to stand a chance of claiming this ever-competitive landscape. Live online casinos offer various types and amounts of bonuses. Among the most popular bonus types in live casinos is the VIP bonus.

Top VIP Bonuses 2023
Top Live Casino VIP Bonus

Top Live Casino VIP Bonus

In most live casinos, VIP bonuses are only offered to a select number of punters, those with the VIP membership. Getting VIP membership usually comes with specific conditions unique to every casino, such as an invitation from other VIP members and huge deposits. In some casinos, VIP membership is earned by accumulating loyalty points. The more points a punter earns, the higher they climb up the ladder, which ultimately leads to attaining VIP status.

Bonuses to VIPs usually have the most favorable terms of all bonuses. For starters, the bonus amount is typically higher. That is especially the case for high roller live casinos. The VIP bonus amount is usually a percentage of wagers, meaning that it has to be significantly higher for high rollers. The wagering requirements tend to be a lot friendlier for VIP bonuses. That means it is much easier for punters to withdraw their awarded VIP bonus than other bonus types.

VIP bonuses are credited in the betting amount in some live casinos, especially high roller live casinos. That means punters can withdraw the amount directly without worrying about wagering requirements. Such usually come as a cashback bonus when punters lose their wagers.

Benefits of VIP Bonuses

Like any other live casino incentive, the most obvious benefit of a VIP bonus is that they help mitigate a punter’s risks. Players can utilize the bonuses as wagers instead of wagering their deposits. Another advantage is that the bonuses are automatically awarded in most live casinos. Punters do not necessarily have to search for bonus codes or go through several processes to get and utilize the bonuses. In some high roller live casinos, VIP members are usually assigned some managers to ensure that they take the most advantage of any VIP bonus available. Another significant advantage of a VIP bonus is that they help players feel appreciated by the casinos regardless of whether they make or lose money.

Top Live Casino VIP Bonus
How to Find VIP Bonuses

How to Find VIP Bonuses

Punters can employ numerous strategies to find and utilize VIP bonuses. The process might vary in different live casinos as VIP programs usually vary. However, the general steps in most casinos are somewhat similar. Below are the general steps punters can find and utilize VIP bonuses easily.

How to Find VIP Bonuses
Choosing from Out List of Recommendations

Choosing from Out List of Recommendations

The easiest way to find VIP bonuses is by choosing from our list of the best bonuses available in the best and most trustworthy live casinos. The list is usually updated regularly to ensure that VIP punters maximize the latest and best offers available.

Here is what it takes to claim any given VIP bonus from our list of recommendations.

Consider Bonus Terms and Conditions

The next step is to read through the terms and conditions. As mentioned earlier, the terms and conditions usually vary among different live casinos. Therefore, understanding the respective requirements is key to ensuring a punter can take maximum advantage of the bonus offer. Punters should read the fine print to determine whether the VIP bonus is worth the effort.

Sign Up for the Casino

After identifying a suitable VIP bonus, the next step should be signing up with the live casino of choice. The signup process might vary in different live casinos. However, the basic process revolves around providing contact and address information. Punters must also choose a username and password, which will be used to access the created account. Filling accurate information is essential to avoid inconveniences during the withdrawal process.

When registering at an offshore live casino, punters must first check their eligibility status. The live casino must accept players from the country. Some live VIP casinos also have higher age limits for players to be eligible. Punters should thus ensure they meet all the eligibility qualifications before going through the registration process.

Make a Deposit

The next step is to make a deposit to the account. Different live casinos have varying requirements regarding the minimum amount a punter must deposit to be eligible for the VIP bonus. Players can find such information in the terms and conditions.

The process of depositing funds to the live casino might vary depending on the payment method used. Thus, choosing the right payment method is essential. For that, punters should consider the accessibility to the payment method and ease of use. Transactions costs can also be another vital consideration. Preferably, punters should choose from alternatives that have no transaction costs. Punters should also look out for currency conversion costs for offshore live casinos.

Receiving the VIP Bonus

After depositing funds and meeting the relevant requirements to qualify for the VIP bonus, the next step is to submit a claim. However, the bonus should be automatically credited to a player’s account in most cases. The punter can thus place wagers using the awarded bonus immediately after fulfilling the qualification requirements. In other cases, punters must input a bonus code, usually sent to them via email. An important thing to note is that most VIP bonus awards typically have expiry dates. Punters should thus utilize the bonuses and fulfill the wagering requirements before the offer expires.

Choosing from Out List of Recommendations
Terms and Conditions of VIP Bonuses

Terms and Conditions of VIP Bonuses

As mentioned earlier, VIP bonuses usually have diverse terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are usually attached to minimize the risk of the casinos making huge losses through the bonus offers. Below are some of the most common terms and conditions.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit refers to the least amount of funds a punter must deposit to qualify for the VIP bonus. Because of the nature of the bonus, the minimum deposit is usually significantly higher than for other bonus types. That is especially the case for high roller live casinos. The deposit amount also usually determines the bonus amount awarded in some cases. That means that depositing higher amounts usually results in higher VIP bonus awards. However, there is also usually a limit to the bonus amount awarded to a player, irrespective of the amount deposited.

Withdrawal Limit

After fulfilling all the wagering requirements, punters can withdraw the VIP bonus. However, most live casinos usually limit the maximum amount that punters can withdraw for funds generated from a bonus offer. The amount varies in different live casinos. In some cases, punters are not allowed to withdraw the bonus amount. They can only withdraw the winnings generated from the bonus awarded, still with a maximum limit attached. That is particularly common for VIP bonuses because they usually have friendlier wagering requirements.

VIP Bonus Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements prevent players from taking advantage of the bonus and then moving to a different live casino to do the same. Players also get accustomed to the casino while fulfilling the wagering requirements, improving the overall user experience.

The wagering requirement, also known as the play-through requirement, is usually indicated as a multiple of the awarded bonus. It means that punters have to wager their money before accessing the bonus award. The minimum amount they have to play through is usually the bonus amount times the multiple indicated as the play-through requirement.

Wager Vs. No Wager

A wager is an amount a punter has to stake for a chance of winning a bet or game. No wagering is a case where punters are awarded the opportunity to win without wagering their money. Regarding bonuses, no wagering requirements mean that punters can withdraw or utilize the bonus without wagering their money first.

Game Restrictions

Some live casinos have additional requirements regarding fulfilling the wagering requirements. Such include game restrictions. Punters have to wager on specified games to fulfill the wagering requirements. Placing bets on ‘restricted games’ does not count towards the wagering requirements, irrespective of the amount wagered.

Time Limit for VIP Bonus

Live casinos usually set a time limit for punters to fulfill the wagering requirements. The time limit varies in different casinos. Punters who fail to satisfy the wagering requirements within the time limit forfeit the bonus award. Some live casinos, especially high roller casinos, do not set time limits for VIP incentives.

Terms and Conditions of VIP Bonuses
Bonus Dos and Don’ts for Live Casino Players

Bonus Dos and Don’ts for Live Casino Players

Do´s Dont´s
Punters must ensure they understand all the terms and conditions of the bonus awarded. That includes the process of claiming the bonus and all the requirements they will have to fulfill to be able to cash out the bonus. Firstly, players should not choose a live casino solely based on the bonus amount offered. They should consider all the other aspects, including licensing, customer support service, game variety, and payment options.
Secondly, players should confirm their eligibility for the bonus before working on fulfilling the wagering requirements. That is especially the case for VIP bonuses, as in some live casinos, they are usually reserved for VIP members only. When playing in offshore live casinos, punters should also confirm if they accept players from their countries. Punters should not open many accounts to collect the same bonuses multiple times.
Punters should provide accurate information during the registration process. That will help with identity verification, which is usually essential when claiming bonuses, especially during funds withdrawal. Wrong information might result in a punter being disqualified for bonuses. Punters should also avoid chasing bonuses that have unrealistic wagering requirements.
Lastly, players should also choose reputable and trustworthy live casinos. Live casinos of questionable repute might make it impossible or difficult for punters to claim bonuses.
Bonus Dos and Don’ts for Live Casino Players
Is VIP Bonus Worth It?

Is VIP Bonus Worth It?

VIP bonuses are undoubtedly always worthwhile. For starters, they give players a chance to play for real money without risking their hard-earned cash. That is particularly the case for live casinos that provide the bonus to VIP members without wagering requirements. These incentives also make punters feel appreciated by the casinos, enhancing their gambling experience. The process of claiming VIP bonuses is usually quite easy in most casinos. In high roller casinos, VIP members can be allocated account managers who can handle the entire process of claiming the bonus.

Is VIP Bonus Worth It?


Everything you need to know about casinos

What is a VIP bonus?

A VIP bonus is a special perk usually awarded to loyal punters of a casino who have VIP membership. The bonus can be awarded in numerous forms, including cash and free spins.

I have already claimed the exclusive bonus. Can I create another account and claim the bonus again?

Most live casinos usually allow only one account per player. Creating more than one account can result in disqualification from the VIP bonus.

Is it legal to claim exclusive casino bonuses?

Yes. However, that might not apply to players from countries where the law does not permit online gambling.

Can I use Bitcoins at these exclusive bonus casinos?

Several live casinos allow Bitcoins and several other cryptocurrencies deposits and withdrawals. Players only need to find such casinos to use Bitcoins.

How can a player get a VIP bonus?

Players need to get a VIP membership to qualify for VIP bonuses in most casinos. Players need to deposit and wager a set minimum amount in other casinos to get VIP bonuses.