10 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Botswana

Amidst some controversy surrounding gambling, Botswana established itself and set up a well-organized gambling structure. While some countries considered gambling immoral and bad for their people and imposed bans, Botswana outlined gambling legislation to ensure a safe and secure gaming environment.

Different forms of gaming have risen over the years since gambling was introduced in the country. Some players enjoy a land-based experience, while others are attracted to online casinos. At the moment, there are no laws regulating online casinos within the jurisdiction.

Lately, Botswana residents are frequent live casino players and have boosted the growth of the gambling industry. The growth reflects in the country's national revenue, which has recorded a considerable rise.

10 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Botswana
Botswana Live CasinosLaws and Restrictions in Botswana
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Botswana Live Casinos

Live casinos have gained popularity in Botswana. This is attributed to the presence of a free gambling environment enabled by well-outlined legislation and independent authorities to oversee the venture. Some of the regulating bodies in the Southern Africa betting market are the Gibraltar, Malta Gaming Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission.

Live casinos remain legal in the country, with the legal gambling age set at 21. A question that bothers many is that of live online gaming. The online venture is largely unregulated, meaning players can engage without violating the law. The only limitation of this is that players use international sites to play since locally licensed platforms cannot offer online gaming. The country has not blocked international online casinos from providing their services within the country.

Choosing a Live Casino in Botswana

With freedom in the country's gambling scene, many live casino providers have established themselves in Botswana. With the increasing number of live casinos in Botswana, it is important to practice caution when selecting a preferred gaming platform. This will enhance a player's gaming experience. It is necessary to select a platform licensed by a known authority since it will offer safety. In case of a payment issue arises, one can easily file a petition against the firm and have a chance in the case. Also, licensed platforms are more likely to offer better quality live casino games and broadcast video streams.

Laws and Restrictions in Botswana

Gambling in Botswana was initially legalized in 1961. Several acts have been enacted with frequent revisions of the laws meant to address the dynamic gambling scene. The first major Act was established in 1966 after the southern African country gained independence from Britain in the same year. The Lotteries and Betting Act of 1966 was the pioneer law for the country's betting industry. This enabled the country to experience an expansion of the sector.

Later, the government continued to regulate casino gambling. They achieved this by enacting the Casino Act of 1971. These were the initial gambling legislation that were specific to land-based gambling. The two were quite a success and laid out a good foundation for the growth of the sector in the country.

Modern Regulation of Live Casino in Botswana

With the 20th century drawing towards the end, the live casino and gambling scene, in general, has experienced new developments globally. Some of these developments rendered the existing acts obsolete, creating a need for some amendments. Two years into the 21st century, the country developed the Gaming and Gambling Policy sanctioned by the parliament in 2002. The Ministry of Labor and Home Affairs, in conjunction with the Ministry of Trade and Industry was behind the engineering of the new law.

The Casino Control Board was set up during this time and was meant to oversee the industry. In 2013, a newly enacted gambling law was drafted by the government. The restructured legislation was meant to harmonize the gambling activities to be regulated under one umbrella. This Act remains in use up to date. Under the new Act, various forms of gambling, including sports betting, horse races, casinos, bingo, and national and charitable lotteries, were permitted. Later, the Botswana Gambling Authority was established and was given the authority to regulate and license the sector.

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