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Ezugi, a live dealer casino games developer, is known for creating some of the most innovative and unique live casino titles. ive Hybrid Blackjack by Ezugi does not fall short. As the name suggests, the game merges two games into one. In addition, it has a random number generator blackjack simulator and a professional live dealer at the same table.

The live casino table has no limit regarding the number of players who can join, which is advantageous to punters and casino operators alike. There is only one table offered for the game, which is enough given the lack of a limited number of players. Punters can access the game 24/7. The recording is done from Ezugi's studio in Colombia.

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What is Live Hybrid Blackjack?

Live hybrid blackjack is among the most popular blackjack titles by Ezugi because of its numerous and exciting features. Thanks to the live chat feature, it is a perfect choice for live casino game punters, unlike titles from other live casino software providers. In addition, the casino live dealers also conduct themselves professionally.

Punters can play casino live table games from various devices, including smartphones and tablets. No software or application needs to be installed to play the Live Hybrid Blackjack by Ezugi. In addition, the player user interface is available in more than 15 international languages, which helps to make it popular internationally.

How to Play Live Hybrid Blackjack

The first step to playing live hybrid blackjack is finding a casino that offers the game. Finding one should not be a challenge, as the developer has partnered with some of the best live casinos internationally. Punters must then create a gaming account and fund the account.

With everything set, players can join the live hybrid blackjack table and begin playing at any time. They do not need to wait for a seat to be available at the table. The game starts with players placing their bets, which must range from €1 to €5000. Each round has a limited time within which punters must place their bets.


The gameplay is similar to that of an RNG blackjack game. The main difference is that a live dealer takes the place of a random number generator. That provides punters with all the advantages of an RNG and live game within the same game and platform.

Players have all the standard gameplay options, including stand, hit, double down, and split. The objective is to make a hand of card value of 21, or close to 21 as possible, without exceeding it. Scoring 21 with the first two cards is the blackjack win, which has a better payout than regular wins. Having a hand of card value closer to 21 than what the dealer has is a regular win. A bust is when the player's cards add to more than 21, which means the player loses the round.

Punters who enjoy higher risks and better rewards can play any of the two side bets offered for live hybrid blackjack. The first one is the perfect pair, which allows betting on the two initial cards being a pair. The second side bet is 21+3, allowing punters to bet on their first two cards and the dealer's face-up card forming specified values.

Live Hybrid Blackjack Rules

The rules of live hybrid blackjack casino games live are pretty basic, similar to those of the classic standard blackjack game with a few modifications. The game uses eight standard decks of playing cards. When players split two aces, they can add only one card to the aces.

All the face cards in the game are counted as ten. Aces assume a value of either 1 or 11, depending on what works best for the punter. All the number cards retain their face value. A blackjack score wins over a score of 21. If the punter scores the same as the dealer, neither wins, and the punter retains the bet amount.

Live Hybrid Blackjack Payouts

Live hybrid blackjack has an RTP rate of 97.30%. The rate is significantly lower than what most live games offer. However, most punters consider the fun and additional features of playing a hybrid game worth the lower RTP rates.

The payouts in any live dealer online casino depend on several factors. For example, punters get a payout rate of 3:2 when they win a round with a blackjack. That means they get 1.5 times the money they wagered for the round. Regular wins have payout rates of 1:1, meaning punters get double the amount they bet for the round. Insurance bets have payouts of 2:1.

Side bets in live casinos ussually have the highest payout rates though the payouts vary based on the hand values. For example, the 21+3 side bet will offer a higher payout than a flush for a three of a kind. A suited three-of-a-kind bet offers the highest payout in the game. However, it also has the lowest win probability.

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