Best Live Immersive Roulette Live Casino in 2023

Developed by Evolution Gaming, immersive roulette is arguably one of the best options for table game lovers. It offers a more unique and entertaining live gaming experience than many live roulette games.

Typically, live immersive roulette comes with multiple camera angles to deliver a high-definition video stream, capturing all the action to maximize players' thrill. The slow-motion feature is a nice touch. It ensures gamblers won't miss anything, including the winning number.

Live immersive roulette has the simplest interface, making it ideal for both new and experienced players. As long as one goes for an excellent live casino, they're assured of a fantastic time.

General InformationHow to Play Evolution Gaming's Live Immersive Roulette
General Information

General Information

Provider nameLive Immersive Roulette
Game providerEvolution Gaming
Game typeRoulette
Streaming fromLatvia
General Information
How to Play Evolution Gaming's Live Immersive Roulette

How to Play Evolution Gaming's Live Immersive Roulette

Players who want to enjoy live games must learn how to play them. If one has explored European roulette before, this will be effortless.

Live immersive roulette players should place their wagers as soon as a message appears on their screens instructing them to do so. This game's table moves closer to make this easier for them. All they're required to do is click on the buttons found on the betting areas to place bets. When the "Bets Closed" message appears on the players' screens, they can't wager on this game anymore; hence the immersive roulette table layout moves back.

There are several things players can do to enhance their immersive roulette gaming sessions. One of them is adjusting the video sound and quality to the best one available. This is doable via the game settings page. Amateurs can explore the "Help" section to discover this games' features and understand what's expected of them, including the rules to follow.

Speaking of rules, check out these live immersive roulette rules for players.

Live Immersive Roulette Rules

Live immersive roulette comes with the same rules as other European roulette games provided by live casinos today. The roulette wheel has thirty-six red or black numbered pockets. There's also a green-colored zero pocket for the house. The player's role is to accurately predict which pocket the ball will fall into or where the roulette wheel will rest after a spin.

The live immersive roulette dealer only spins the wheel after the players have placed their wagers. Winners must have made the correct predictions—those who don't are always free to play more rounds to try their luck at this game.

Players must familiarize themselves with the bets they can place before this game begins. Their main options are outside bets and inside bets.

Outside bets are those placed on the areas below the numbered spaces or on their sides. On the other hand, inside bets are placed on the betting area's numbered region. They include line bets, corner bets, straight-up bets, street bets, and split bets.

How to Play Evolution Gaming's Live Immersive Roulette