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Tipping the dealer has always been a dividing subject among casino players. While some players argue that the dealers should live within their paychecks, others claim that tipping the dealer improves their overall gambling experience. So, which argument is correct?

This article discusses why, when, and how much live casino players should tip the croupier. By the way, it’s not about bribing the live dealer to favor you on the table.

Tips for Tipping in Casinos

What is Live Casino Tipping?

As the name suggests, tipping the dealer is to give the dealer an amount of money to appreciate a positive gaming experience. Although most players prefer tipping the dealer after winning a sizeable sum, others can tip just because the dealer is approachable or they have money to burn at the casino. In short, dealer-tipping isn’t mandatory when playing live online casino games, although it’s part of good casino etiquette.

But before tipping the dealer, it’s essential to learn about country specifics. For example, tipping the live dealers in North America is a common practice in Las Vegas casinos. But on the other hand, players couldn’t tip UK live dealers until recently. It’s even worse in Europe, as tipping live dealers in Europe remains a rare or discreet practice. So, learn about the tipping rules in the region to avoid attracting unwanted attention from other players.

How to Tip at Live Casinos

Tipping the dealer is a relatively straightforward process. You’ll see a “Tip” button in the best live casino games that allows this practice. Usually, players can tip the dealer in most card games from Ezugi, including OTT Roulette, Jackpot Roulette, Unlimited Blackjack, Live Casino Hold’em, and many others. You can also tip the dealer on most Evolution Gaming and Playtech titles.

But tipping the dealer is slightly different at a land-based casino. There are varying dealer-tipping procedures when playing table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps. In most cases, tipping the dealer involves handing the chips directly to them or placing a side wager next to your own bet. Many players prefer making a wager for the croupier because they feel the croupier will root for them to win throughout the session, which is wrong.

Meanwhile, did you know that casino players can also tip the slot machine attendant? Here is the thing; players can tip the machine attendant if they respond promptly when the machine malfunctions. Players can also tip the slot machine attendant after grabbing a drink or holding the machine while the player uses the restroom. But remember that the tip size varies depending on the time you were away.

Reasons to Tip the Dealer

In the dynamic and often exhilarating world of live casino gaming, the practice of tipping at casinos plays an integral role, often overlooked by many players. Tipping the dealer, a customary gesture in the realm of live casino tipping, extends beyond mere tradition. It’s a reflection of etiquette, appreciation, and sometimes, strategic play. This article delves into the various reasons to tip the dealer, exploring how this act can enhance not only the atmosphere at the table but also potentially impact the quality of your gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or new to the live casino scene, understanding the nuances and benefits of tipping can add an extra layer of enjoyment to your casino visits.

A Sign of Good Gesture

Do not tip the dealer because you feel sorry for them working in their positions. The thing is that most of them probably earn more than you do. For example, a dealer working at Evolution studios in the US makes $20 to $25 per hour. And that’s excluding other packages like free lunches, medical cover, holiday trips, and more. Therefore, tip the live dealer because you’re a good person and appreciate their work in the entertainment industry.

It’s Part of Casino Etiquette

If the first dealer-tipping reason didn’t convince you to tip the dealer, this one should. Tipping the croupier is a universally accepted casino practice. You can realize that almost all players at a land-based casino tip the dealer after hitting a win. So, don’t be the odd one out. You should definitely sort the dealer out when they give you a straight flush in Caribbean Stud.

Create a Good Rapport with the Dealer

Just like any other person in the service industry, a live casino dealer will be happy if you show them kindness and generosity. It’s through these tips that dealers fund their lavish lifestyles. Make the dealer happy, and they’ll be glad to attend to any issues you might have on the table or slot machine. Who wouldn’t be satisfied playing on a live casino table where the dealer is constantly smiling?

Tipping the Dealer Gives You Luck

This is a famous gambler’s fallacy in the gambling world. Some superstitious players believe that tipping the dealer gives them luck on the live casino table. It’s unclear whether the dealers created this myth, but some players think it always works. Try tipping the croupier and see if it brings good tidings to your gameplay.

How Much Should Casino Players Tip?

You must be asking yourself this common question up to this point. The simple answer is that there’s no one-size-fits-all amount regarding tipping the dealer. Rewarding the dealer depends on the size of your pocket and your generosity. You can tip the dealer $10 or $100 after winning $1,000 on a live blackjack table. They won’t complain because you can even decide not to tip them.

But that shouldn’t mean you should tip the dealer more than enough. If a game has a minimum bet limit of $25, tipping the dealer $5 chips should be a better option. Also, remember that most live casino games have side bets, which you can use to tip the croupier. And if the bet wins, you should tip them something like 3% to 5%.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tip

There are various staff members in land-based casinos, not all of whom are croupiers. Some of the staff include beverage servers, restaurant attendants, and security personnel. If you receive excellent service from any of these employees, it's a good idea to tip them. It's important to note that most of these employees earn between $2 to $3 per hour, so your tips can make a significant difference. However, it's essential to practice proper money management while gambling, so don't go about tipping everyone who provides good service. Remember that every coin you lose counts. But it's okay to tip a dealer who pays attention to you and is enjoyable to chat with.

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