Booongo partners with TopTrend



Booongo, a global online slots developer, has partnered up with TopTrend Gaming in an agreement that will see its content made available via the provider’s aggregation platform.

Booongo partners with TopTrend

Players from TopTrend Gaming can access to Booongo’s high-performing portfolio, such as the best games like Dragon Pearls and Aztec Sun, and their latest release Thunder of Olympus. Making them big contributers to online casinos.

Why this partnership can broaden horizons

Joining Top Trend Gaming deal network of third-party content will significantly broaden the reach of Booongo’s slot offering across the globe, especially in Asia where this platform provider holds a strong position within the market.

This new partnership marks the latest commercial expansion by Booongo in recent months, with this company experiencing an enormous growth all over the world. In Latin America, the developer has done some agreements with Zamba, Caliente and The Ear Platform to deliver its fast-growing slot offering.

Sebastian Damian's Opinion

The commercial director at Booongo said that they’re delighted to see their games on Top Trend Gaming’s aggregation platform, since it has a very strong presence in a number of areas worldwide. Taking their product offering to players all over the world is definitely an important ambition for this brand and this partnership has allowed them to reach more regions, growing even more their slots popularity.

Top Trend’s Opinion

Booongo’s slot offering keeps going to new and exciting heights and they’re very happy to add them to their aggregation platform. Consistently putting out new fresh and innovative content is definitely vital for the growth of their platform and they can’t wait to see how it’s received through their network.

Why is this partnership so important

These two brands are highly known but with this agreement there’s the opportunity of getting to known wider, which is even better. They’re incredibly important and they can be one of the top leaders when it comes to their own type of brand in this industry. Of course, this all means that they’ll keep growing.

With this growth who knows where these two brands will actually lead. Hopefully, to somewhere better. They have an excellent quality, which is something very important nowadays and what players are looking for and expecting. So, if you’re looking for slots then you can always play Booongo ones. You’ll be very glad to try these new ones. And you’ll definitely see the quality on these ones.

A quality partnership

If you don’t know which these two brands are, then you’ll get to know them very fast since they are growing up very fast across the world. Booongo’s games are spreading incredibly fast, which is definitely a huge advantage because that means players will be able to play this brand’s games any time they want.

There are a lot of gambling brands worldwide that are doing the same as Booongo and also as Top Trend. But none compares to these ones, which are definitely doing their best to keep up and they’re doing it. Fortunately, they have all they need to continue growing and this partnership will benefit both of these brands.

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