Optimize Your Smartphone’s Battery Life for Gaming



It’s not easy to figure out how you can boost your smartphone’s battery life for gaming. There are many settings that you can turn off – or even on – so that you can make sure that you get the most out of every percentage out of our smartphone. Because, after all, wouldn’t you sacrifice some of your phone’s fancy features that you don’t use often if that meant that your phone’s battery would last twice as long? You can even play at a live casino and there’s the possibility for your battery to last much more with these tips. So, continue reading.

Optimize Your Smartphone’s Battery Life for Gaming

We have some great tips on how you can improve your phone’s battery life so that gaming on your mobile is possible, just to make sure you get a little more time out of each charge. Here are these tips.

Diminish the screen time-out

Something very important that many people don’t seem to notice when it comes to their devices is the time-out. This determines how long the screen of the phone will stay “awake” after you stop using the phone. As a standard, it should be only 30 seconds. Pay attention to this and make sure you didn’t increase it to more.

There’s also the opportunity to lower it. However, lower than 15 seconds it’s just too much. 30 seconds it’s perfect. Find the time-out control in the Display part of Settings and choose how much you want it to be.

Put on the auto brightness or dim the screen

You should be sure that your phone isn’t set to a too-high brightness since that can be harmful for the life battery. Sometimes it’s better to switch on the auto brightness, especially if you’re at home. This uses an ambient light sensor and judges how bright the screen needs to be.

Use Airplane mode or no data mode

Maybe the most effective way to keep your battery life healthy and at a normal rate is to have Airplane mode on. It’s surely not a bad idea if you want to play offline games from time to time. Going through different areas is a way of draining your phone’s battery since it will be searching for network access from different antennas. Turning off mobile data is also something very good to do. People can still contact you but you won’t lose plenty of life battery like it happens. This will certainly make a better battery for mobile gaming, so make sure you use airplane mode.

Turn off vibrate

Something very simple to do is just to turn off the vibrate function of your smartphone. This basically uses a little motor inside the phone. It’s very handy when you’re in a meeting, but it spends a lot of battery. Plus, some people would rather not hear it. And, also, if the phone it’s on a desk or table it will make a lot of noise that’s just not pleasant at all.

Deleting apps you don’t use

Closing apps in the multi-tasking screen of your iPhone or Android isn’t the same as if you were using your computer, and it definitely doesn’t improve your phone’s battery life, unfortunately. Something you should do if you want to make your battery last longer is to delete apps you don’t use anymore, that will certainly work.

Carrying an external battery

Sometimes the solution isn’t inside your phone but outside. So, buying an external battery it’s the best you can do. You can keep your screen as bright as you want, everything turned on. Even watch some Youtube videos, who knows. It’s recommended you buy one of these since it definitely can improve smartphone battery life. Just choose one of the good ones and you’ll be all settle.

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