Tom Horn's New Partner



Tom Horn has had a huge growth in the past 12 months, with plenty of new content partnerships that were sealed in several regulated markets. The most recent deal makes this company’s slots available at the Portuguese online casino called Solverde ( The brand Tom Horn is following other agreements, since Solverde isn’t the first casino they’ve made a partnership with. However, this partnership will definitely strengthen the supplier’s presence in this country.

Tom Horn's New Partner

What to think about this Partnership

The CEO at Tom Horn, Ondrej Lapides stated that casino Solverde is one of the strongest brands in Portugal and that this partnership is the best way to improve their reach in the country. During last year Tom Horn has grown a lot across several jurisdictional and also regulated markets. Now is the proper time to actually capitalize their reach and to solidify their presence with reliable partnerships. Solverde, of course, being one of them.

The director of Solverde Group, Américo Loureiro, stated that with the new slots by Tom Horn they boost their casino even more and they get near the 1000 games milestone. Those who are registered at this online casino definitely love this provider’s content, especially their incredible 243 Crystal Fruits or the most recent releases like Joker Reelz and Diamond Hill that give players a very different, but amazing, experience.

Américo says that Tom Horn is definitely an essential provider that any casino should have in their portfolio, therefore joining with this brand was only nature and a step forward in their strategy in order to have as much as diversity as possible when it comes to their slots offer.

Why a Portuguese casino?

Portuguese casinos are growing and t his is all because the citizens of this country love to play online, which is a huge advantage if you want to take advantage of it. That’s what Tom Horn did. They saw a great opportunity, with one of the best online casinos in Portugal and they took it.

The gambling situation in this country is simple to understand: it’s possible to play at regulated casinos but it’s not possible to do that when the casino isn’t regulated, which is natural. There are several casinos that are highly popular but Portuguese citizens don’t have access to them.

More and more people are joining online casinos, especially nowadays when there is this pandemic. So it’s natural that people don’t feel good outside of their house, especially at a physical casino. This partnership is definitely highly advantageous for both sides and you can expect the best from it.

Now Solverde players will be able to benefit from the incredible slots from the provider Tom Horn, which is definitely something very good. Tom Horn produces new content all the time, so this means that this casino’s players will have new slots to play from time to time. They won’t be bored anytime.

A powerful partnership

When it comes to this partnership, then it’s something that will benefit Portuguese people but also the casino and, of course, the developer. With the slots from Tom Horn and, especially, with almost 1000 games people who want to register at a casino then will definitely choose Solverde.

Besides that, there’s the advantage of having high-quality games available from Tom Horn since this producer definitely knows what they’re doing. It’s highly probable for them to have other partnerships soon since they want to grow bigger.

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