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French Roulette Gold has become a fan favorite in live casinos despite its relatively short stay in the online gaming industry. The standout attractions to this roulette variant are its simple rules and impressive RTP. As with any other roulette variant, the game's purpose is to predict where the ball will land.

What makes the French Roulette Gold different from other roulette variants at live casinos, such as the European or American roulette? Simple, the “La Partage” rule. This rule essentially tilts the odds to the player's advantage, especially while betting on common bets such as Red or Black, Odds or Even or High or Low .

How to Play French Roulette Gold Live Game
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How to Play French Roulette Gold Live Game

How to Play French Roulette Gold Live Game

The French Roulette Gold is known for specific betting methods, most borrowed from the European roulette. One standout feature about this live dealer game is that most bets names are in French. To play, punters are only required to choose the amount to wager, usually by setting the chip values using some controls on the screen. From there, players can proceed to the betting area after depositing their wagers, then bet on a specific outcome.

Betting at the French Roulette is similar to betting at a European table, except that everything is in French. For starters, even and odds assume the name pair and impair, respectively. Also, columns 1, 2 & 3 are replaced with letters P, M, & D, respectively. Another point worth noting is the first 18 numbers are referred to as the Manqué, while Pass refers to numbers 19 – 36.

Game Rules

The French Gold Roulette provides players with multiple ways to win. To stand a real chance of winning at live dealer casinos, players have to get acquainted with the rules of the live casino games. This is particularly important for new players, considering that these rules can get confusing.

French Roulette Gold is based on standard European roulette rules. The first thing any player should know while playing the game is reading the screen and interpreting the betting options. The game's layout has 37 pockets - numbers 1 to 36, half of them colored red and the other half in black. The remaining pocket is reserved for the zero, colored green.

Perhaps the best part of this online casino game is the possibility of recouping chips with even money bets. Here is the fundamental rule that any real money player at French Gold Roulette should understand.

La Partage Rule

There is nothing complicated about this rule. For players new to the game, this rule essentially means that every time a player bets on an even number and the ball lands on the zero and loses, the casino refunds half their wager. This rule gives French Gold Roulette players an extra 1.3% chance when betting on Evens.

How to Play French Roulette Gold Live Game
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