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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is an entertainment game show created by Evolution.

The game is quite unique. It’s a live hybrid Dealer/RNG slot game, and it’s the first live dealer game that can be played using a Virtual Reality headset.

The game has two hosts. Gonzo, the iconic character and a live dealer. The game starts after Gonzo spins the key.

In the background, there is a temple and some mountains, along with a reddish sky. The background gives the game an adventurous look.

The aim of the game is to win more points than you bet. At max, the reward could be 20,000x your stakes for a single stone.

How to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?Strategy of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt
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How to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

How to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

The first thing you’ve got to do is place a bet. Once a bet is placed, you need to choose the stones.

There are 6 stones in total. Each stone has a unique color and value. Here are the values of all the stones.

  • Grey stone = 1x your stake
  • Yellow stone = 2x your stake
  • Purple stone = 4x your stake
  • Green stone = 8x your stake
  • Blue stone = 20x your stake
  • Red stone = 65x your stake

While stones with more value will give a higher return, they do have drawbacks. They’re expensive to buy and your chances of landing these stones are less.

Once you’ve selected the stones, you need to select the number of picks. The number of picks defines how many sections you get to select in a try. You can choose from 1 to 20 picks for each try.

The benefit of choosing more picks is that your chances of landing the chosen stones increases, but the downside is you’ll multiply your bet with each pick.

After selecting the number of picks, the game starts. A wall of 70 sections will appear on the screen. Each section will have the value of a stone underneath it.

You get to choose from 1 to 20 sections (depending on the number of picks you’ve selected). Once you’ve used all your picks, the sections you’ve picked will have a hand mark on them.

After this, the prize drop feature may trigger.

Bonuses between +3 and +100 will start sliding down from top to bottom. The number of bonuses which land on hand marks, you get their points.

The prize drop feature doesn’t always trigger. When it does, it can occur between 1-7 times per round.

At the end of each try, you get to see whether you've picked the right stones. If the combined value of all the right stones you picked is less than the amount you bet, you lose the game. If it’s greater than your stakes, you get each point above your stake as a reward.

For example, if your betting stakes of 120 points and you won 360 points, you’ve won 240 points in total.


How to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?
Strategy of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Strategy of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

In this section, we’re going to cover 3 great strategies with you. First is low risk and low reward, the second is medium risk and medium reward, and the third is high risk and high reward.

Low risk and reward

Pick a low value stone > place a small amount of money > choose between 10-20 picks.

For example, if you’ve placed $0.5 on a yellow stone with 2x stakes and have selected 10 picks, you’ll need to find the yellow stone 2 times in 10 tries.

Medium risk and reward

Pick the yellow and orange stones and place $0.5 on each tile. Now choose 20 picks. Your total bet should be $10. You’ve got %50 chances of winning.

High risk and reward

Bet on all the stones. Every stone you pick will be the right stone.

This method is extremely costly, but it truly increases your chances of getting a big win of 1000x your stakes or much higher.

However, even when the chances are increased, they are nearly zero, so we advise against this strategy. This one is for people who are willing to lose a ton of money for making a ton of money.

Strategy of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt
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