Top Welcome Bonuses 2023

Live casinos are a vital part of the gambling world and, in turn, online casinos. Most online casinos offer live games no matter where the players are or their time zone. Players are interested in games that provide a more realistic experience like live casinos, as it brings an atmosphere that is as close to a real casino as can be had on a laptop or desktop.

The most common type of bonus that live casinos offer is welcome bonuses. These bonuses are designed to attract new players to the betting platform and get them to spend some of their own money.

Top Welcome Bonuses 2023
What is a Live Casino Welcome Bonus?

What is a Live Casino Welcome Bonus?

A live casino welcome bonus is essentially an incentive given to new live casino players upon registration. Players are expected to deposit an initial minimum amount upon registration to activate this bonus. A welcome bonus is meant to help players familiarize themselves with the offerings at the casino, and also to improve their chances of winning real cash.

Welcome bonuses are used in almost all online casinos. They don’t have complicated terms as do most no-deposit bonuses. Welcome bonuses are beneficial to online casinos because they are more valuable than other options. They operate on the principle of a player putting money into the casino and getting a specific percentage of the deposit; usually 100%.

When looking for a reputable new live online casino to join, it is worth doing some research on what is being offered by way of a welcome bonus. This is where the casino will give the new player some extra play money, or free spins, or some other type of offer for joining their site.

It always feels good to get a warm welcome in a new place. Casinos do this for their new players with a welcome bonus; an offer that allows them to play some games for free in their first few sessions of engagement. The accrued benefit is familiarization and the chance to win without spending.

A live casino welcome offer is like a gift you get the first time you 'walk' into a live casino. Such a bonus is a good way to get accustomed and acclimatized to the gaming house. It allows you to familiarize with various games offered in the house without diminishing your wallet.

What is a Live Casino Welcome Bonus?
How to Find Welcome Bonuses and How to Claim Them

How to Find Welcome Bonuses and How to Claim Them

Welcome bonuses can come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are definitely worth using, while others are deceptive and focused on separating the players and their money.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

There are four types of welcome bonuses: no deposit bonuses, first deposit bonuses, welcome package bonuses, and crypto welcome bonuses. Here is a brief explanation of each of these welcome bonuses.

  • No Deposit Bonus. This is a popular type of welcome bonus, especially in recent times. No deposit is required to receive the bonus, just the player registering on the casino site.
  • First Deposit Bonus. This is the most popular welcome bonus for live casinos, and it requires players to sign up to the site and then deposit a specific amount of money. In a typical setup, the site will match the first deposit that the player makes.
  • Welcome Package Bonus. First deposit bonuses have been a stalwart in the live casino industry for a while. That prompted some sites to take it a step further where they gave bonuses for deposits after the first and some up to the fifth deposit.
  • Crypto Welcome Bonus. This is a bonus that players get when they deposit crypto for the first few times. It is quite common for live casinos to offer both first deposit bonuses and crypto welcome bonuses simultaneously.

Step 1: Choose From Our List

With that said, our list of the best casino welcome bonuses has options that will appeal to many different types of players, no matter what genre of casino games they are interested in. Once a player finds a suitable live casino bonus from the list of best welcome bonuses that appeals to them, some due diligence is advised before signing up for any site.

Step 2: Read the Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the welcome bonus are an important way to determine whether it is a good value or not. This is not exciting, but it is essential to ensure players do not sign up for a site that may try to steal their information or money.

There are many things to look out for when looking through the terms and conditions of a live online casino welcome bonus. Some of them include:

  • Wagering requirements
  • Cashout limit
  • Validity period
  • Eligible games

These factors affect how usable the live casino welcome offer will be and how much value it can provide to the player. For example, if the terms and conditions do not suit the player, another welcome bonus may be a better option. On the other hand, if they work for what the player wants to play and how they want to play it, it may be a good option.

Step 3: Sign Up for an Account and Login

Once the welcome bonus is selected, the next step of the process is simple: the player registers their information with the casino by clicking a “Sign Up” or “Registration” button. Once all of the player’s details have been provided, the account will be set up.

Step 4: Make a Deposit

If the welcome bonus requires an initial deposit, the player can make their first deposit when their account is set up. The sum of money deposited must be more than the minimum deposit specified in the terms and conditions.

Step 5: Receive the Bonus

Once the deposit is approved, the player will receive the welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses are generally added to the bonus balance.

How to Find Welcome Bonuses and How to Claim Them
Terms and Conditions of Welcome Bonuses

Terms and Conditions of Welcome Bonuses

The terms and conditions should always be considered when signing up for welcome bonuses. All players should compare some main categories when deciding which welcome bonus to sign up for.

Minimum Deposit

Most welcome bonuses (except no deposit bonuses) require an initial deposit to the live casino to activate the offer. This is where the players have to deposit a specific amount of money (or more) and after the deposit is complete, they receive their welcome bonus. If a deposit is made that doesn’t meet the minimum requirement, then the player’s welcome bonuses are not received.

For instance, if a live casino states that they will match any first deposits of $10 or more, any deposit under $10 will not trigger the welcome bonus.

Withdrawal Limit

The withdrawal limit of live casinos can differ greatly from one site to another. This is another important factor for the players to be aware of, as it can affect their ability to withdraw funds later, should they want to. Any amount of money that exceeds the withdrawal limit is forfeited by the player, so live casinos use withdrawal limits to control the amount of money that a player can win from the welcome bonus.

For instance, a player received a 100% match on their first $100 deposit, then they went and won $5,000 from that money. They even satisfied the wagering requirements and decided to withdraw their winnings. However, since the withdrawal limit of the live casino is $3,000, they will have to forfeit $2,000 of their money. This is why it is so important to read the terms and conditions.

Welcome Bonus Wagering Requirement

A wagering requirement for welcome bonuses is the amount of betting the player must do before they can consider withdrawing their funds. It is commonly shown as a multiple of the welcome bonus – for instance, x30 times the welcome bonus.

A wager is simply a bet on a casino game. When players claim a welcome bonus, they do not receive actual money but what is known as bonus money. This bonus money cannot be withdrawn. Instead, the player must complete all of the wagering requirements, effectively converting the bonus money to actual money, before they can consider withdrawing any funds. If wagering requirements are not met, the bonus money is forfeited and can never be withdrawn.

For example, if a player has received $25 as a welcome bonus, and the wagering requirement is x30 as specified above, the player has to bet $750 of their own money to withdraw the $20 bonus.

Game Restrictions

There are many restrictions that live casinos can enforce to control what live games can be played with bonus money. This is particularly relevant for free welcome bonuses, and live casinos typically have a list of games that can be played with the funds. For example, a player receives free spins when signing up to play a particular casino game. However, the free bonus can only be used with that specific game and not others.

Time Limits for Bonus

Welcome bonuses also come with a validity period or time limit. This represents an amount of time that can pass before a player can claim a bonus – for example, claiming a live casino welcome bonus within five days of signing up. Another type of time limit controls the amount of time a player has to complete the wagering requirements. Most wagering requirements have to be completed within 7 to 30 days.

Terms and Conditions of Welcome Bonuses
Welcome Bonus Do’s and Don’ts for Live Casino Players

Welcome Bonus Do’s and Don’ts for Live Casino Players

There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to players claiming the top casino bonuses.

Dos for Live Casino Players

  • Players should consult the terms and conditions before signing up to ensure the welcome bonus suits them and the way they play
  • Check the licenses and reputation of the site
  • Verify that the specific live casino accepts players from their country
  • Complete any Know Your Customer (KYC) checks as early as possible

Don’ts for Live Casino Players

  • Do not provide false information when they’re signing up for a live casino site
  • Do not sign up for a live casino if under the legal age for gambling
  • Do not create more than one account to try and get more than one welcome bonus

A live casino welcome bonus can be classed as a gift that players receive for signing up to a live casino and depositing money. They can be a great way to get used to a particular betting site and learn how it works. Players generally use welcome bonuses for extra betting money and specific tokens that can be used for playing games. They can provide good value and be worth it for players if they are attentive to the terms and conditions, are focused on becoming accustomed to the live casino, and don’t plan to make a lot of money with them.

Live casino welcome bonuses increase the player’s chance of winning by affording them more money and turns to play a game. Therefore, they provide decent value to anyone interested in learning how a new live casino site operates. Welcome bonuses also carry little to no risk, making them attractive for bringing players to a new betting platform.


Welcome Bonus Do’s and Don’ts for Live Casino Players

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All You Need to Know About Welcome Bonuses

All You Need to Know About Welcome Bonuses

Nowadays, every online casino offers something different and it can be difficult at times to know how it all works and also to know which casino is the best for you. So, the best you can do is to look how they work generally, since that will make it easier to understand what a bonus can actually offer you.


Everything you need to know about casinos

What is a casino welcome bonus?

As the name suggests, a casino welcome bonus is an offer that rewards new players when they sign up at a casino. There are both no deposit welcome bonuses and deposit welcome bonuses.

How do I claim a Welcome Bonus?

Claiming a welsome bonus is easy! Typically a casino gives a simple option to press a button that says something like 'claim your bonus'. After you claim the bonus the bonus is accredited to your account.

Do all Casinos offer Welcome Bonuses?

No, not all casinos offer Welcome Bonuses. Although, they probably have some other sort of bonus for the player.

What makes a great welcome package?

The best welcome bonus comes with the highest match in terms of percentage alongside free spins. Besides, it should have low wagering requirements.

Can players create another account to claim the welcome bonus a second time?

No. Even though players can successfully create a second account and claim the welcome bonus, casino operators strictly prohibit it. As a result, players risk losing all their accounts and even their money if found to be multi-accounting.

Are these welcome bonus casinos mobile-friendly?

Yes. Welcome bonuses are mobile-friendly. They can be claimed on mobile devices besides desktops. Interestingly, there are specific live casino bonuses for mobile users.

Is it legal to play at online casinos with welcome bonuses?

Yes. There is no infringement of the law by playing at live casinos and using welcome bonuses as long as gambling is legal.

What live casino has the best welcome bonus?

It's hard to point out a particular casino here as these bonuses are seasonal, and terms change with time. Players have to comb through the hundreds of live casino promotion pages to find the latest bonuses. Fortunately, we have done the heavy lifting by updating this list of the best live casino welcome bonuses to claim.

When is my Welcome Bonus accredited?

Most casinos offer welcome bonuses immediately upon signing up; however, it will only be released after funding your account, or playing your first game. A monetary welcome bonus can be in the form of matching your first deposit, or a certain percentage of your first deposit, say 25% or 50%.