Blackjack Money Management Skills




Whether on land-based casinos or live online casinos, blackjack is indeed one of the most loved games. While some play it due to the excellent payout, others love it because of the entertaining gameplay and pressure from other players.

Blackjack Money Management Skills

But one thing that is constant throughout your playing career is money management. Without incorporating this vital aspect in your gameplay, you’re most likely to quit playing altogether. So, sit tight and enlighten yourself with some essential blackjack money management tips.

Rule #1. Have a Specific Bankroll

Although this rule seems like common sense to many, most people neglect it, surprisingly. To be a successful blackjack player, you must always have a set limit and stick to it. Don’t keep consoling yourself by saying “one more hand.” You must know of some blackjack players who tell their sad stories of a time when they were hundreds of dollars up only to lose it faster than they earned it. So, whether you’re winning or losing, never exceed your bankroll limit.

Rule #2. Time Your Play

Time is of the essence whether you’re playing blackjack, poker, or any other live casino game. According to multiple research, the average time spent playing by most punters is 90 minutes. Here is the thing; casinos know that sticking around beyond the average playing time can alter your attention and result in significant losses. They always try to keep you playing for longer with features such as blackjack insurance. But this isn’t to say that you should stop in the middle of a hot winning streak. Just set the alarm or wear a watch to know when to quit.

Rule 3. Choose the Table Wisely

Every blackjack table (online or land-based) comes with a minimum amount a player can bet. In that case, it’s vital to choose a table that corresponds with your bankroll. Otherwise, your chances of winning anything, in the long run, are decreased. For example, if the betting table has a minimum bet of $5 and a player comes with a $200 bankroll, it means they’ll lose their bankroll quickly after 40 rounds. Experts recommend that your bankroll be at least 100x bigger than the minimum bet.

Rule #4. Use the House Edge Cunningly

The beauty of playing blackjack using basic strategies is that the house edge is significantly reduced. Yet, this isn’t powerful enough to beat the inbuilt casino advantage. Even with the perfect plan, the house advantage is sure to dent your bankroll in the long run.

So, suppose you sit on a table with a 0.36% house edge. You’ll have to multiply the house edge by the average bet size and hands per hour. Assuming you usually bet an averagely of $30 per hand. That will translate to around 80 hands per hour. Therefore, your long-term hourly loss will be $8.64 (0.36 x 30 x 80)/100. To arrive at these figures, get enough experience and use the house edge to calculate your losses per hour.

Rule #5. What About Online Casino Software?

As you may already know, multiple software developers power different online casinos. Therefore, ensure that you can play numerous blackjack games from varying suppliers. And yes, this includes live dealer variants mostly supplied by Evolution Gaming. Don’t be compelled to play just a “handful” of games. If possible, look out for localized alternatives (i.e., blackjack Canada).

Closing Thoughts

Are you finally ready to begin playing blackjack? Hope so! As you can see, blackjack is mostly about skill and money management. Just guard your funds carefully, apply a little bit of strategy, and you’re on course to becoming a pro blackjack player. And don’t forget to have fun.

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