What does a casino pit boss do?



Basically, a pit boss is the gaming manager. He or she will spend most of their time on the live casino making sur e that all the games are being played following the rules. But that’s not all. They also need to ensure that all the dealers are presenting the game right.

What does a casino pit boss do?

As a pit boss, they need to oversee all the dealers, cashiers, servers and any other employers who are working on the floor. A pit boss has also the responsibility of training new people who are hired and monitor the performance of the current employees.

What a person needs to be a pit boss?

There’s no former education in order to get to this position. However, there are some prerequisites that a lot of casinos want for those who want to be a pit boss. Previous experience on the floor of a casino is definitely preferred and also if he or she has been a dealer is something good. It’s highly important for the pit boss to be familiar with the rules and play of the games since they’ll literally oversee multiple games during their shift.

A pit boss needs to show managerial skills and have a wide knowledge of the games of the casino besides of having attention to the fairness and detail. They also need to have the ability to solve any disputes and monitor more than one situation on the floor. Pit bosses need to have a high school diploma or a GED and there’s the chance for the casino to send applicants for further training.

The best personality

Not any person is going to be a successful pit boss and there’s definitely a personality that casinos require. They must be personable and make players feel welcome and comfortable. However, they need to have the ability to have the upper hand if there is a dispute. It’s probable that a pit boss will likely be supervising a colleague and therefore, they’ll have to be fair and to treat all employees with fairness and respect.

A great pit boss has to find the right balance between being friendly but also authoritative. Make people feel at home can result sometimes in lacking initiative. Which will never happen with a skilled pit boss. Pit managers have to be rigorous and unbiased when they’re deciding. Reaching this equilibrium between being friendly and resolute is what makes a unique pit boss.

Being responsible for money

One of the main things a pit boss has to do is to oversee the money and also transactions that happen at the different tables at the casino. These employees will account for an enormous amount of money and it’s needed to have an eye on all the bets that are being placed, the chips given by the dealers and the movement of money at the tables. A pit boss has to authorize receipts, cash-outs and also credit slips.

Basically, responsibility is second nature to all pit bosses, whether in a physical or online casino. So, visit a pit boss casino and you’ll be more than glad to play at one. There’s definitely fairness. A pit boss needs to be fair and attentive. They can’t afford a second of distraction, which could mean something very bad for the casino. This is what do pit bosses do. It’s very basic.

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