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Free Bet Blackjack Live is an acclaimed casino title developed by the acclaimed casino game developer BetConstruct. Thanks to the developer's networks, this Free Bet Blackjack Live by BetConstruct is available in some of the best live casinos. Free Bet Blackjack Live is undoubtedly one of the most popular live blackjack games by the giant casino games developer, mainly because of its free bets.

The name, however, might be misleading, especially to newbies, as it suggests punters can play the game for free. As it is the practice with some live casino software providers, it is only meant to raise awareness that players can enjoy free double downs and free splits. That means players can enjoy higher win amounts when using the free double down or free split feature without laying down additional cash.

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What is Free Bet Blackjack Live?

Free Bet Blackjack Live by Betconstruct is played on typical blackjack tables featuring up to seven players. Its free splits and double-downs have undoubtedly made Free Bet Blackjack Live a household name among top-tier casino live table games. However, punters can only use the free double downs when having totals of 9, 10, or 11. Players can still double down with any totals, but not for free.

Free splits are also available only for pairs that are not 10s. That makes the free offers quite limiting, but they do add an element of excitement to the game. That is because punters never have to think twice about doubling down when the chance arises, given that it is free.

How to Play Free Bet Blackjack Live

Free Bet Blackjack Live uses nearly all the gameplay elements of basic blackjack. However, playing requires punters to find a live dealer online casino that offers the game and choose a suitable table.

The punters' primary objective is to get a total card value of 21, or an amount closer to 21 without exceeding it. The game starts with the casino live dealer dealing two cards to each player at the table and two for themself. One of the dealer's cards is dealt face-up, which can help influence punters' decisions.

Punters have the options of calling a 'Hit,' which ideally means requesting an additional card from the dealer. That is usually a good idea when the first two cards have a relatively low total but introduce the risk of getting totals exceeding a 21, thus losing a bet. The other alternative is to 'Stand,' meaning that the player's bet is against the sum of the first two cards. Finally, punters can also opt to utilize the free splits or free double downs, depending on the totals.

The Catch

There is a catch to the free splits and free double downs offered in Free Bet Blackjack Live, which many newbie punters might miss. The casino has to compensate for the free bets in a way. The catch is that if the dealer hits 22, it will not be considered a bust as usual. Instead, all bets on the table will be pushed, which means stakes are returned to punters. In regular blackjack casino games live, the dealer hitting 22 would be considered a win for the punters.

Free Bet Blackjack Live's Rules

Blackjack rules are relatively straightforward. The live casino game only requires punters to call a hit or stand after getting the first two cards from the live dealer, then compare the totals to that of the dealer to determine whether they have won or lost the wager.

When calculating totals, all number cards have the value of the numbers on them. All face cards are counted as 10s. The ace can be a 1 or 11, depending on what works best for the punter.

Things to Note

All Free Bet Blackjack Live punters should note that the basic strategy for the game is a bit different from that of regular blackjack. That is because punters should double down on every opportunity they get for using the free double downs.

Punters should also note that the free splits and doubles might not be available for all hands, but the push on dealer 22 rule remains for all rounds.

Free Bet Blackjack Live Payouts

The payout structure of Free Bet Blackjack Live is not altered significantly by the free splits and free double downs. The structure is essentially identical to that of the regular live blackjack game. The actual payout is 3:2, which most punters prefer over the 6:5 payout that is becoming more popular in live blackjack games.

Free Bet Blackjack Live also allows various side bets, offering handsome payouts. Each side bet has unique payouts, ranging from 6:1 for mixed pair side bets to 100:1 for suited strips side bets.

RTP Rate

The free bets in Free Bet Blackjack Live Casinos sound quite appealing, but the math behind the payouts is not necessarily attractive. That is because punters must factor in the special dealer 22 rule, significantly lowering the RTP rate. As a result, the RTP for the game is only 98.96%, which is lower than some other live blackjack variations that offer up to 99.5% RTP rates.

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