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Live Roulette is perhaps the most famous game in a live casino as it provides a different level of thrill. That is because the game offers what players love, which is entertainment. Nowadays, Live Roulette is booming due to the extremely fun live dealer feature and due to the increasing popularity of online live casinos.

If you don’t know about live roulette and its systems, you don’t have to worry about that. In this guide, we will tell you everything.

Online Live Roulette Systems

Live Roulette System

As long as the game of roulette has existed, people have attempted to win (or at least reduce the likelihood of losing). The fact is that no method in the world could promise you a winning probability of 100% or anything close to it. However, there has been some progress in making it simpler for online roulette players.

Types of Live Roulette Systems

The first thing you must understand is that the online roulette system has completely random results. There is no way to predict or affect which number or even area the ball will land on. This means that any roulette betting technique you choose will only increase your chances of winning when the odds are already in your favor.

Despite being highly unlikely, this possibility occurs. There is also a zero field in the game that multiplies the player's stake numerous times but occurs far less frequently.

We'd want to outline and demonstrate a few roulette methods, so you can try them out and find the ones that work best for you. Progressive and non-progressive roulette techniques are the two primary categories.

Progressive Betting

Progressive betting is referred to as a win-win approach, since it allows you to raise your bets after losing one and still make a profit. Although this is technically accurate, anyone with a basic understanding of mathematics can figure out how much money you would need to put into your account.

Progressive betting calls for placing increasingly larger bets in the event of a loss and maintaining your original bet. The following are some of the best strategies you can use:


  • This roulette technique is the most common and perhaps the best live roulette system, which suggests that every time you lose, you must double your wager.
  • If you lose a bet on black, you must also place your next higher wager on black.
  • If you lose once more, double the previous sum and keep going until it is finally dark.
  • Regarding the advantages of this tactic, you may win back all of the money you lost in prior wagers in a single round.


  • Each number in the Fibonacci sequence is the sum of the two before it.
  • Add the final two digits each time to determine the sequence's continuation.
  • In this manner, the player may still turn a profit even if the total number of bets lost exceeds the total number of bets won.

Inverse Martingale or Paroli

  • Players choose to flip the Martingale roulette technique on its head after considering its flaw.
  • Since many gamblers' bankrolls frequently can't endure long losing streaks, the decision was to double a wager only in the event of a victory.
  • This tactic will also need sizable spending.
  • You can keep playing until you've used up all of your bankrolls or have reached your set spending limit.


  • Your wager must be made on either red or black, just like with the Martingale and Inverse Martingale strategies.
  • The primary distinction between them is that following a loss, the amount you would have to wager is increased by the set amount rather than by two.
  • Depending on their budget, players decide on this amount individually.
  • It is advised to pick no more than 1% of the whole bankroll; nevertheless, 0.5% or even less would be a safer option.

Paroli Betting System

For novice players, several roulette odds experts suggest the Paroli method. This is due to the positive nature of the system, which encourages you to build on prior successes. The Paroli players essentially rely on the idea that wins lead to more wins. Similar to the Martingale techniques, your luck will determine your odds of experiencing a winning run.

Let's say you wager $10 and succeed. If you win the $20 wager next, you will then place a $40 wager. If you succeed the third time, keep your winnings and start a fresh run of wagers with the $10 stake.

Non-Progressive Betting

A non-progressive kind of wagering is among other successful roulette tactics. Gamblers would not need to alter their wagers exponentially or by a certain quantity, unlike the progressive.

James Bond

The James Bond strategy's main tenet is that in order to enhance your chances of winning, you must cover 25 of the field's 37 numbers. Although expensive, it might be quite profitable. In accordance with the values shown below, increase or reduce the quantities as follows:

  • 5 dollars on six numbers between 13 and 18 and 14 dollars on the "19-36" segment.
  • 1 dollar on 0.
  • You will win 16 dollars if you bet on zero, compared to 8 and 10 dollars if you bet on 19-36 and six digits.

Betting on Neighbouring Numbers

The roulette's numbers are distributed at random. Don't be deceived by how close these numbers are. The numbers are as far apart as they can be on the actual reel if the spinning ball stops at 2 while your bet is on 1. Instead, you may select a sequence of up to 10 nearby numbers and make equal bets on each one.

The beautiful thing about this roulette betting strategy is that you simply need to keep to the sequence you have picked. There are no rigid restrictions to follow. Depending on how daring you are, you can extend and contract your sequence.

Romeosky Roulette Technique

  • This approach, one of the more complicated ones available, uses 32 numbers and 8 chips every round.
  • Players must give up on the five digits.
  • With an 86% victory rate, this tactic outperforms the others.

Types Of Bets In The System

Types Of BetPayout
Straight Up35-1
Six Lines5-1
Even/Odd, Red/Black, Low/High1-1


Live Roulette is one of the most played games in online live casinos due to many different things. Among them, the most unique one is the live dealer feature. Those players who don’t understand the online live roulette system should learn about the two types of bets: progressive betting and non-progressive betting.

These are the main things you need to learn in order to get to know more about the live roulette system. Now you can enjoy the game even more!

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