Best Sic Bo Live Casino in 2023

When most people think of live casino games, Sic Bo doesn’t come to mind. Recently, however, live dealer Sic Bo has become more and more popular worldwide. Live Sic Bo is now one of the top live casino games, found at all of the best live casinos out there.

Sic Bo is a thrilling fast-paced betting game that doesn’t require learning any complicated rules. Just place your bet and keep your fingers crossed for the dice to roll in your favor.

If you’ve never played live Sic Bo, read the following guide to understand the game, its odds, and strategies better. You can also find some of the best Sic Bo sites right from our comparison.

Best Sic Bo Live Casino in 2023

Best Live Sic Bo Casinos

Due to the rising demand for Sic Bo online live, there are many great live casinos offering unique Sic Bo experiences. To enjoy live casino Sic Bo, you need to filter out the best sites among the rest. Live CasinoRank helps you out with this through our casino reviews and comparison listings. Here are some of the main factors we always consider when finding the best Sic Bo sites.

  • Security - Nothing else matters as much as security, trust, and reputation when it comes to playing live casino Sic Bo. We recommend signing up at live casinos that are properly licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority or UK Gambling Commission.
  • Live dealer selection - In addition to live casino Sic Bo games, you may want to try some other live dealer games too, especially other fast-paced games like Live Craps or Live Roulette. These, together with other popular casino games, should be available at the best Sic Bo casino site.
  • Bonus range - Free gifts are always nice, and that’s why we recommend choosing a live casino with the best promotions and casino bonuses. You can compare bonus offers by using the recommendations seen here at Live CasinoRank.
  • User-friendliness - The best Sic Bo casinos are available on smartphones thanks to modern technology and a well-designed user interface. The whole navigation, user experience, and customer support should all make your experience as carefree as possible.
  • Payment methods and limits - To enjoy Sic Bo live casino games, you’ll need to make a deposit by using available deposit methods. These should match your needs, plus the payment limit should be fair. Always read the casino’s terms and conditions to understand the withdrawal policy and other relevant payment terms.

What is a Live Sic Bo?

Live dealer Sic Bo is a luck-based casino game that features 3 dice. In Sic Bo, a live dealer rolls the dice and your only task is to bet on the possible outcome. This straightforward system makes Sic Bo incredibly simple to play, even if you’ve never played casino games before.

Sic Bo is especially beloved for its fast pace and huge payout potential. Usually, Sic Bo comes with a potential payout of 180:1, whereas most other casino games have a maximum payout of around 35:1. Of course, there’s a big chance to lose money, too, since the whole game relies completely on luck.

In the live dealer variety, Sic Bo is run by an actual casino dealer, just like in physical casinos. You can even chat with the dealer and other players, making the experience more social.

Analyzing Live Sic Bo Benefits and Drawbacks

How to Play Live Sic Bo

One of the best parts of Sic Bo is its simplicity. Similar to roulette or craps, there are hardly any rules to learn. In fact, you only need to place a bet and hope for the best. After opening up the live Sic Bo table, you’ll only need to put down your money for the bet and choose the predicted outcome.

The main Sic Bo rules you may want to know revolve around the dice outcomes and potential payouts. However, there’s no need to remember all of those either. Every live Sic Bo online features a payout table or an overview of all the game rules.

The biggest win comes from a 'Triple' bet: if all three dice land on the same number. The only catch is that you have to predict the exact number, too. The most typical dice rolls are 'Big' and 'Small' bets, which mean betting on whether the total dice sum is between 4 to 10 or 11 to 14. By knowing these basic two bets, you’ll already move closer to understanding how to win at Sic Bo.

Play Live Sic Bo for Real Money

Playing Sic Bo with real money bets is a thrilling experience. You just have to make one decision and place your bet. Due to this simplicity, Sic Bo is fast-paced: one game round takes just a few moments.

The fast action also means you need to be careful when using real money. It’s easy to get carried away with Sic Bo, so you need to be mindful of your spending. Make small bets and use self-restriction tools, like time and deposit limits. That way you can ensure your gambling habit would stay under control.

Live Sic Bo for Free

Many casino games can be played for free, but live dealer Sic Bo is not one of them. Live casino games can’t be played in a free demo version since there’s a physical dealer organizing the game. The only way to play for free is to observe the game. You can just open the game and sit back without placing any bets. However, this won’t give you an actual feel of Sic Bo since you can’t place any bets.

Another free opportunity requires no deposit bonuses. Some live casinos may give you a no deposit bonus for signing up, but these offers are small and quite rare.


Live Sic Bo Variants

Most live casinos feature the traditional Sic Bo casino game with regular rules. This means the live version is largely the same: the Sic Bo game has the same dice-rolling action and the same payouts.

Some live casino software providers have switched things up a bit, however. In addition to regular Sic Bo game rules, some variants come with additional multipliers. Evolution Gaming is known for its unique Super Sic Bo version where a random multiplier gets added to the bet. In Super Sic Bo, the multiplier may even reach 1,000x.

Sic Bo itself doesn’t have any other notable variations, though, except for the Super version with multipliers. This is part of its appeal - it’s a simple casino game with known rules. Thanks to this, you can always expect consistent gameplay, no matter the live casino site.

Comparing Live Sic Bo, Live Craps & Other Casino Dice Games

Live Sic Bo Software Providers

Since Sic Bo has become more popular, all of the top software creators have created their own Sic Bo casino game software. Today, these are the 3 most popular Sic Bo software providers, available at most live casinos:

  1. Evolution Gaming - Evolution is the most popular live casino game developer in the entire world. Therefore, it’s no surprise they’ve created live Sic Bo, too. More importantly, Evolution invented the Super Sic Bo version with random multipliers. Plus, their studio quality is impeccable and their dealers are always professional.
  2. Pragmatic Play - Similar to Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play has also come up with its own unique version called Mega Sic Bo. Like Evolution, Pragmatic Play’s version has random multipliers that increase your bet up to 1000x.
  3. Playtech - Playtech’s Sic Bo software is the most traditional one and follows regular game rules. If you’re looking for the good old Sic Bo, Playtech’s version is the best one to choose.

Live Sic Bo Odds and Payouts

The exact Sic Bo payout depends on the type of bet you’re making. Each bet has a different probability and therefore, different payouts. Here’s an overview of the main Sic Bo odds and payouts for typical bets:

  • Big bet (total score between 11-14) - 1:1 payout
  • Small bet (total score between 4-10) - 1:1 payout
  • Number bet (specific number on a dice) - 1:1 payout
  • Combination bet (two specific numbers) - 6:1 payout
  • Doubles bet (two dices have the same number) - 10:1 payout
  • Any triple bet (three of a kind) - 30:1 payout
  • Totals bet (betting on a specific total score) - 60:1 payout
  • Triple bet (all three dice have the same specific number) - 180:1 payout

The best Sic Bo odds of winning are with the 1:1 payout bets since there’s a much bigger likelihood to win. The payout may be small, but at least you can win the money back. However, Sic Bo game odds vary and depend on the choices you make at the table.

Live Sic Bo RTP

Sic Bo’s RTP depends entirely on which bets you make. If you go all in on Doubles or Triples bets, your return percentage may be extremely small since you bet on rare combinations. If you bet more cautiously, your RTP may also be higher.

On average, live Sic Bo’s RTP is around 97.22%, which is much higher than with some casino games. Evolution Gaming’s Super Sic Bo has also a declared RTP range of 95.02 to 97.22%.

Sic Bo House Edge

As mentioned, Sic Bo’s house edge depends on how your game progresses. If you make safer bets and win more, you may win more frequently and therefore, the house edge will be slightly smaller.

The exact house edge depends on the type of bet, too. Bets with a 1:1 payout have the lowest house edge: around 2.78%. To optimize your Sic Bo game, it’s wise to bet on these safer options to benefit from the low house edge.

Live Sic Bo Uncovered: Best Betting Options & Payouts

Live Sic Bo Strategies

Even though Sic Bo is a luck-based game, many players are looking for an optimal Sic Bo strategy. One of the most typical approaches involves using a road map that highlights all the past outcomes. Some players prefer using the road map to figure out any possible hot streaks or trends.

It’s important to understand that Sic Bo doesn’t have anything to do with any strategies. Every dice roll is randomized and there are no strategies that could change the outcome. As with any dice-based game, Sic Bo is all about luck. Strategies can simply make your session more interesting, but there’s no way to actually change the outcome of the game.

Winning at Live Sic Bo: Tips, Etiquette, and Strategies for Success

Live Sic Bo Bonuses and Promotions

Once you join a live casino, you can hope to receive many regular casino bonuses and promotions. Some of the most common ones include a deposit bonus - a type of bonus offer that adds some funds on top of your deposit. These offers are most common on Sic Bo casino sites, too, due to their flexibility and convenience.

As a first-time player, you can also grab a welcome bonus, which is meant exclusively for new users. Sic Bo welcome bonuses may reach hundreds of dollars.

Since Sic Bo isn’t exactly the most popular casino game, there aren’t many special Sic Bo bonus offers available on most casino sites. Every now and then, the live casino site may issue an exclusive Sic Bo bonus code to loyal members. You can also sometimes participate in Sic Bo live casino tournaments, which work as substitutes for regular bonuses.

The best live casino sites, however, allow betting on Sic Bo with their regular deposit bonuses. If you’d like to increase your bankroll by using a bonus offer on Sic Bo, this may be the best way to go. As always, make sure to read bonus terms and conditions, since every offer has some tricky conditions to fulfill.

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Sic Bo, an enthralling ancient Chinese dice game, has captured the hearts of live casino enthusiasts worldwide. As the game centers on forecasting the results of three concurrently rolled dice, it's easy to pick up and learn. The combination of luck, strategy, and a wide range of betting options make Sic Bo an attractive choice for both casual and seasoned players, allowing them to feel the electrifying atmosphere of a land-based casino from the comfort of their homes.

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As a fan of live casino games, you might be eager to explore new and thrilling experiences. In this article, we'll provide you with valuable Live Sic Bo tips, including how to win in Sic Bo and the importance of etiquette while playing at a live casino.

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Best Live Sic Bo Betting Strategies and Tips

If you’re camping here to learn how to play Sic Bo at a live casino, that’s an excellent decision. In this post, you’ll know what exactly Sic Bo is and how to play live Sic Bo effortlessly. This post will also provide tips and strategies for playing this game for wins. But mark you, the house always has an edge in Sic Bo, like other luck-based live casino games.

Playing Sic Bo on Mobile Casino

Playing Sic Bo on Mobile Casino

Playing Sic Bo games is exciting. Unlike other poker games, gamblers find new and different rules at different online casinos. When playing Sic Bo, an individual can join a mobile casino that has different rules on this game. So, gamblers must understand Sic Bo rules provided by an online casino.


Everything you need to know about casinos

What is live Sic Bo?

Live Sic Bo is a thrilling casino game that’s based on a dice roll. The dealer rolls three dice and you can predict the outcome of that roll. That’s what Sic Bo is all about - quick gameplay with fast betting action.

Is there a strategy for winning in live dealer Sic Bo?

Live dealer Sic Bo is a luck-based game, so there aren’t any strategies that could help you win more. You can always balance your bankroll better, but there aren’t any special tricks to Sic Bo - it’s all about luck.

Can I get any bonuses for live Sic Bo?

Many of the best live casino sites offer different bonuses, promotions, and campaigns that can be used for Sic Bo, too. There may not be specific Sic Bo bonuses available everywhere, but you can usually grab welcome packages.

Is live Sic Bo fair?

Sic Bo is fair and trustworthy as long as you play at a live casino that’s properly licensed and uses reputable, controlled live dealer software. Licensed live casinos comply with strict regulations, and all software used is also tested and checked.

Can I win real money in Sic Bo?

Yes, you can definitely win real money when playing live Sic Bo. It’s a fun luck-based dice game with quite a high volatility, so there are big risks, too. If you’re lucky, however, you can win real money.

Can I play live casino Sic Bo for free?

Live casino games can’t usually be played for free. Contrary to regular table games, live games are organized by dealers, so you can’t use a demo version. The only way to play Sic Bo for free is to use bonuses or simply observe the gameplay.

Where can I play live dealer Sic Bo?

Live dealer Sic Bo is available at many of the best live casinos since it’s a relatively popular live casino game. Usually, all the top live dealer sites have Sic Bo. You can find the best options for live Sic Bo by checking out the reviews and comparison lists we’ve published here at Live CasinoRank.