Top Live Casino Dealers in North America

North America is frequently credited with the genesis of modern-day live dealer casinos. However, it is not the gambling utopia one may imagine due to issues like shaky legislation and volatile markets. Several of the best online casinos with live dealers in the United States and even Canada use offshore studios to stream their live games.

However, this position is fast changing. Recently, countries have been actively enacting remote gambling laws, as witnessed in several US states. The current market's high requirements ensure that operators in North America only provide their customers with the best games. These studios in operation in the region include well-known companies like Evolution and Playtech. However, more streaming facilities are scheduled to open soon.

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About Live Dealers from North America

The majority of live dealer games in Canada are broadcast from other countries. The most common locations include Europe, South America, and Asia. The establishment of an Evolution live studio in Vancouver is an exception. This studio is an essential component of various Canadian casinos' live casino systems.

The United States is the polar opposite. Two of the most extensive studio operations are located in Michigan and New Jersey. Evolution has studios in New Jersey, Michigan, and, Pennsylvania. Microgaming has a presence in Michigan, and Playtech will soon launch a new casino in the state. Residents of some states are limited to only playing at live table streaming in their states.

Gambling proceeds are not allowed to cross state lines in the United States. As a result, a resident of New Jersey, for example, can only play a live game if all aspects of the gambling chain are carefully regulated in New Jersey. The casino operator, the software provider, and even the studio are all part of this.

However, the market in other North American countries is relatively diverse. A casino operator in one country may partner with live casino software providers in another, which then provides a live casino stream worldwide.

Common Languages Spoken By North American Live Casino Dealers

There is a high population of Spanish and English speakers in North America. Over the years, people from different parts of the world have settled on the continent. Thus, there are a number of other speakers in the region whose needs live casino dealers strive to satisfy.


English is the most common language in this region. As one can anticipate, Canada and the USA have the largest number of English speakers. Mexico also has a sizeable population of English speakers. Caribbean Islands and central countries have a smattering number of English speakers.


Spanish is the second-most widely spoken language in North America. Notably, Mexico, which has more Spanish-speaking speakers than Spain, is home to the most Spanish-speaking speakers. The United States and Cuba follow with several Spanish speakers, too. Also, the Dominican Republic, a few Caribbean Island countries, and the rest of Central America have a number of Spanish speakers.


French is the third most widely spoken in North America. Canada and Haiti are home to most French speakers in North America. In the United States, there are a little over two million francophones living there.


Chinese is a distant fourth. The language encompasses several dialects, such as Hakka, Mandarin, and Min Dong, among others, under a huge macrolanguage umbrella. Most Chinese speakers on the continent live in the United States, but there are a number in Canada and Mexico.

Due to the small number of studios in North America, inventive new trends are sluggish to arrive. Evolution and Playtech are the forerunners of new ideas in the region. Both have a presence in the United States. However, the titles they stream from there are occasionally constrained. Thus, some casinos tend to partner with dealers outside the country.

Live Blackjack

Players get to experience all of the sights and sounds of a real casino without ever leaving their homes. However, there are significantly fewer live blackjack variants accessible in this format.

Live Roulette

For players who want to play at a live roulette table with people worldwide, online live casino roulette is the way to go. Some casinos now allow internet gamers to join actual customers at a real-time streaming roulette table at a real casino. The only drawback to playing this way is that these tables have far lower betting limits than their regular casino counterparts. Nonetheless, North Americans adore playing online roulette with a real human croupier. In terms of revenue, this game has attracted the most bets from North American players in the few places where the activity is permitted.

Live Baccarat

Live baccarat is frequently the domain of the wealthiest casino patrons. Getting a table in the standard rooms of casinos can be challenging at times. But livestream online baccarat is one of the most popular games among North American gamblers. The game is convenient for punters in the region.

Live Casino Hold'em

Finally, live casino Hold 'em is a new game based on the extremely popular Texas Hold 'em poker variant. Casino Hold'em is a fantastic game to play at an online casino. Almost all live casinos are now broadcast in high definition, bringing users closer to the action.


Top Live Dealer Software Providers in North America

Gambling is one of the world's most popular businesses today. This industry has been swept up in technological change. The majority of people nowadays use their smartphones to plan their strategies. These online casino games are available in a variety of themes and features. Players can choose from various options to make their decisions more interesting.


Evolution Gaming is a renowned casino and gaming software provider specializing in live dealer online streaming. Founded in 2006, the provider has revolutionized live casinos and has made establishing a live casino platform a significant priority. Evolution has three studios in the United States, the most recent in Michigan.


Playtech is a well-known provider of online gaming software and one of the prominent operators for offering an authentic gaming experience in a digital format. The company's live-dealer casinos are equipped with cameras that provide HD footage and are among the quickest streaming live-dealer casinos available today. The company has arrangements with several Canadian live casinos to supply its game titles.


The Costa Rican studio of Ezugi is housed in contemporary facilities just outside of San Jose's central business district. The service then streams live dealer games from nine tables set against a sophisticated casino décor with a Latin feel. The Ezugi San Jose studio employs over 70 dealers, most of whom are elegant and courteous.

Live Table with Native-Speaking Dealers

Players can easily get assistance from native live casino dealers. Such personnel is fluent in the player’s language. English is the most widely spoken native language in North America. That addresses several problems for software suppliers from the get-go. The majority of live casino games are available in English.

Although live casino tables in French are offered in Canada, the majority are broadcast from other countries, particularly Europe.

Spanish is widely spoken across the continent. Native-speaker games are primarily available through studios outside the United States, such as those in Costa Rica, Colombia, or even Europe.

No regulatory agency has jurisdiction over all live casinos in North America. Every state in the United States and the majority of Canadian provinces and territories have unique regulatory methods. For this reason, offshore software vendors and casinos are thriving in the Great White North.

Despite the vendor's location, players can easily access any support they need. Each vendor offers its site services in more than one language, and most of them allow players to translate the website's content. Thus, players can easily engage with the casinos.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What qualifications do live casino dealers in North America need?

Live casino dealers in North America typically require professional training from a recognized dealer school where they learn various casino games and customer service skills. They must also obtain a gaming license from the relevant state or provincial regulatory body, which includes background checks and sometimes a credit evaluation.

Are live dealers in North American online casinos based in actual casinos?

Some live dealers operate from special studios set up to host live casino games, while others may broadcast directly from dedicated areas within land-based casinos. This varies by online casino and its partnerships with physical casino operations.

How are live dealers monitored to ensure game fairness?

In North America, live dealers are monitored through both real-time supervision and technology. Cameras capture all actions, and Game Control Units are used to ensure that all game events are transmitted accurately to players. Additionally, regulatory bodies periodically audit operations to maintain high standards of fairness and transparency.

Can players from North America speak with live dealers during a game?

Yes, players can interact with live dealers through a chat function during the game. This allows for a dynamic gaming experience where players can ask questions and make conversation, similar to what they would experience in a physical casino.

What languages are commonly spoken by live dealers in North American online casinos?

While English is the primary language, many live dealers in North America also speak Spanish or French, catering to a diverse population across the United States and Canada.

What are the working hours for live dealers in North American online casinos?

Live dealers often work in shifts to cover the 24/7 nature of online casinos. This includes nights, weekends, and holidays to ensure that live dealer games are available to players at all times.

What types of games do live dealers in North America typically host?

Live dealers in North America commonly host a variety of games including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and several poker variants. Some might also host game show-style games like Wheel of Fortune or Deal or No Deal.

How does one become a live dealer in a North American online casino?

To become a live dealer, one must attend and graduate from a casino dealing school where they learn all the necessary skills of the trade. Following this, obtaining a license from the appropriate gaming authority is essential. Many also start their careers working in physical casinos to gain experience.