June 1, 2021

Annoying Behaviors That Casino Dealers Don’t Like

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The legendary relationship between gamblers and casino dealers is a love-hate one. While both parties need each other, they often get into each other’s nerves. Often, players are the first to complain for several misguided reasons. But on the other hand, dealers are usually more legit in their complaints. So, this article will teach you how to behave in a casino by discussing some common behaviors that online live dealers and land-based casino dealers loath.

Annoying Behaviors That Casino Dealers Don’t Like

Using Foul Language

If you want to cancel your casino membership before it even starts, then use foul language against the dealer or other players. For those who usually play online, this behavior will undoubtedly lead to account suspension with any winnings in it. Even a jokey comment can lead to a blanket ban. And, of course, you don’t need to be told what will happen to you when playing in a land-based casino. All in all, using abusive language is not an option when playing in any casino.

Using a Smartphone/Tablet in a Table Game

For those playing in an online live casino, you can skip this point altogether. As for land-based casino players, this behavior can get you tossed out. Why? Cheating is a significant issue in casinos. Therefore, the dealer might suspect that you’re researching counting cards or any other casino strategy when in reality, you’re just reading a work email. Also, the casino dealer won’t be happy with you checking the time. Now you know why most casinos don’t display clocks!

Counting Cards

Whether a land-based casino dealer or an online casino dealer, card counting is a no-no. That’s even though card counting is a popular blackjack strategy among punters. Some casino players won’t even play where this strategy isn’t allowed. Surprisingly, card counting is absolutely legal. But why will you get thrown out? Simple! The casino can kick you out for violating any rule in their playbook. In the end, “house rules” apply.

Smoking at the Table

Most casinos are in the business to accommodate players with varying behaviors. The rule is that the customer comes first, just like in any other business. However, some customers can be worth losing because they create unnecessary inconvenience. While most gambling patrons are smokers, some might be chain smokers who want to blow big clouds at the table. Fortunately, smoking in a casino isn’t reason enough to get you thrown out.

Stingy Players

Professional croupiers usually make a decent amount from their hourly wage. However, it’s an open secret that the tips fund their lavish lifestyle. Although it’s not a written rule, be smart enough to tip the dealer at some point. Some punters will tip the dealer at the end of the gambling session, while others will immediately tip they make a win. Did you know that gamblers who blame the dealer for losing bets are the ones who don’t tip?

Doubting the Results

It’s a common misconception that casino games are rigged in favor of the house. But by now, you should know that’s just a myth. Many a time, the dealer would rarely influence the outcome. Still, some gamblers believe that dealers rig games for their favorite players. It’s because of this reason that the job is considered one of the most demanding out there.


Up to this point, you’d agree that casino dealers earn their wages. It’s pretty demanding dealing with drunken behaviors and cheating players. So, the next time you come across these gentle pros, try to make their work easier by following the casino etiquette and, of course, tipping. Alternatively, choose to play online where most rules don’t apply. Either way, behave professionally.

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