Everything to Know About Oscar's Grind Strategy




You have finally landed the best live casino to play at. Then, you proceed to choose your favorite live casino game. But one thing is missing; a betting strategy! Just like land-based casino players, online gamers are constantly looking for strategies to bring down the house. One common strategy is Oscar's Grind.

Everything to Know About Oscar's Grind Strategy

So, what is Oscar's Grind strategy, and how is it applicable at a live dealer casino? For answers to these queries and many others, keep reading.

What is Oscar's Grind system?

Yes, you guessed it right. Oscar's Grind is a betting strategy named after the inventor. Oscar was a famous craps player in the 60s, and he designed this strategy to scoop frequent small wins while minimizing losses. Interestingly, this betting 'genius' is claimed to have never lost a single betting session at the casino.

That said, Oscar's Grind system is a positive progression strategy, much like the Martingale system. But unlike the Martingale system that can vanquish your bankroll, Oscar's Grind is based on losing and winning streaks. Put simply, it's more conservative than others like the Labouchere and Martingale.

How Oscar's Grind strategy works

Oscar's Grind works by dividing the gambling session into smaller events. Sounds complicated? In this strategy, each session starts with a single betting unit, then ends after winning a single unit of profit. So, for example, if a player wins their first bet, the strategy's objective is achieved. But if they lose, Oscar advises that the player repeats the initial wager until they register a win.

It doesn't stop there. The strategy asks players to increase their stake after registering a single win and maintain the unit after a loss. This continues until you meet another win. Basically, the strategy is all about increasing your stake by a single unit every time a win comes by after a loss. As such, you need a decent bankroll at the best live casinos.

Oscar's Grind example

Everything to Know About Oscar's Grind Strategy

Using Oscar's Grind in roulette and blackjack

This article didn't mention before that Oscar's Grind works bets with even money bets. So in that sense, you can use it in roulette wagers like high/low, red/black, and odd/even. Playing with this strategy at a roulette wheel is an added advantage, as the house edge is almost half what's on the American wheel.

Oscar's Grind strategy is also popular in the game of 21. The game's low house edge makes more wins likely to appear than in roulette. Note, however, that the house edge will catch up with you sooner or later. This makes the strategy perfect for recreational players who are merely looking for fun without risking a lot.

Is it legal to use Oscar's Grind?

Have you ever heard a casino (online or offline) close shop because of a betting strategy? Probably never! The thing is that casinos know that not even card counting can beat the house edge in the long run. For that matter, they let players knock themselves out of the game, trying to outdo the house. So yes, Oscar's Grind is legal both online and offline.


Oscar's Grind is one of those strategies that you should learn to use. Because it works on even-money wagers, it's also applicable in games like Andar Bahar, Sic Bo, and baccarat. Just remember that you need some luck and a big bankroll to get the most out of this betting system.

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