February 21, 2021

How to trust a live casino

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Virtual casinos are becoming the norm these days. They are simple to access, offer exciting bonuses, and provide an extensive game library. Another vital but seemingly underrated factor contributing to the popularity of online casinos is the live games. Here, punters can play against other global players and exchange real-time messages. But are online live casinos rigged? Keep reading to find out.

How to trust a live casino

The Live Dealers Are Professionals

Just because you don't see the live dealer face-to-face doesn't mean that they are not pros. Most uninformed players think that dealers are just some pretty faces behind the scenes with basic training. Well, that's far from the truth. All dealers running online live casinos are well-trained croupiers. Interestingly, they boast similar licenses to those working in a land-based casino. So, because they are professionals, it's improbable they'll scam you.

The Games Are Fair

If you don't want to be disappointed playing at online casinos, start by knowing that the house always wins. In fact, don't start playing if you don't know anything about the house advantage or house edge. For example, if you want to play European roulette, understand that the operator will get their 2.7% cut whether you win or lose.

Given that the casino will make something at the end of the day, it demotivates them from rigging the games. Also, cheating at online live casinos isn't possible because the players and the dealer's actions are visible through a camera. If you try to play smart in the room, they'll kick you out and your casino account suspended altogether.

They Are Regulated

Make no mistake. The vast land of online casinos is regulated, just like the physical casino industry. There are bodies mandated to ensure online casinos follow all gambling laws within their jurisdiction. For example, the UK Gambling Commission regulates all gambling activities within Great Britain. On the other hand, Malta Gaming Authority oversees betting activities in Malta. These regulators, with many others, demand fairness and security on any gambling platform before issuing a license.

Trusted Software Developers Power Them

When searching for the perfect online casino, the type of software developers it partners with is critical. Same applies when choosing a live casino. The developer in question can determine whether the games are fair, and the gameplay is entertaining enough. Today, Evolution Gaming is the most successful live casino software supplier. Other prominent names to look for include Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. So, don't settle for an online live casino that provides games from little-known suppliers.

Live Casinos Use Cutting-Edge Security Methods

As said before, most live casinos are licensed and regulated. However, this alone doesn't prevent scammers from accessing the player's personal information and funds. Luckily, that is less likely to happen currently, as most online casinos use SSL encryption to secure communication. Also, these casinos conduct rigorous ID verification processes on all players before they can withdraw anything. All in all, live casinos are 100% secure.

The Internet Never Forgets

With free search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo at your disposal, finding relevant information about any online casinos is a cakewalk. Players can search reviews online and find out what other players and reviewers say about specific live casinos. You can find information about their support, payment duration, gameplay experience, and so on. In the end, operators can't risk mudding their reputation for short-term profits.


Spotting a rigged online live casino should be easy after reading this post. They don't have licenses, RNGs, and other vital security measures. So, conduct thorough research on the casino before joining it. Don't be fooled by the attractive bonuses because that could be bait.

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