Top 6 Game-Changing Virtual Sports Betting Tips



Ethan Tremblay

Virtual sports betting is still a relatively new venture in the fast-changing online gambling industry. As such, it’s normal for beginners to struggle to find a working strategy. So, this post will polish you with five virtual sports betting tips that will help you settle down as soon as possible and add to your bankroll. Read on!

Top 6 Game-Changing Virtual Sports Betting Tips

What is Virtual Sports?

As the name suggests, virtual sports betting is mostly about betting on sporting events. But in this case, you won’t be betting on real-life sports but rather virtual games. So, in plain words, punters will see digital simulations of sports like horse racing, tennis, and soccer.

That slight difference aside, the odds in virtual sports are similar to sports betting odds. You’ll deal with markets like handicaps, over/under, the first team to score, and so on. Remember, though, the games only last for just a few seconds, with displays of a few game highlights.

Best Virtual Sports Betting Tips

  1. Know the Odds

When dealing with virtual sports, you’re dealing with odds dictated by the bookmaker. With that in mind, it’s vital to choose shorter odds as they have better winning chances than longer ones. However, this will cut through your overall win amount. But if you’re a seasoned sport betting fan, you’ll know that smaller frequent wins are better in the long run.

  1. Understand the RNG

In the unpredictable world of real-life sports betting, the team with the longer odds can pull a surprise. So, virtual sports betting emulates this uncertainty by using RNG (random number generator) to produce unexpected results. As you may know, RNG software produces millions or even billions of results per second, making it impossible to rig results.

  1. Pick Strong Esports Teams

Usually, virtual sports teams reflect their real-life counterparts. As a result, it’s vital to stick with the same system you use during real-life sports betting. Still can’t tell the difference, huh? Simple, look at the odds. The one with the lowest odds should be the hot favorite to win the match. But because results are very unpredictable, there’s no harm in siding with the underdog.

  1. Practice Strict Bankroll Management

Whether you’re betting in virtual sports, live casino, or any other form of gambling, bankroll management is vital. While this doesn’t directly improve your winning odds, it ensures that you last on the table for longer. For example, you can consider only betting a maximum of 5% of your overall bankroll on a particular contest. In essence, the larger your bankroll, the longer you play, and the higher your winning possibilities.

  1. Exploit the Virtual Betting Bonuses

Here is another tip to ensure you stay in the game longer than you deserve. Because of competition for players, bookmakers offer bonuses, including deposit bonuses and free bets. Whichever type of bonus you get, use it prudently as this might be your winning ticket. But just like other online casino bonuses, carefully read the fine print before committing anything.

  1. Know When to Quit

It’s normal to experience a cold losing run until your bankroll is bust. But don’t let the situation degenerate to this point. While it’s good to have a winning mentality, you should avoid chasing losses by having a stop-loss limit. For instance, divide the bankroll into smaller units for single-day use. Also, make it a habit to stop betting as soon as you double the day’s unit.


In general, virtual sports betting is more similar to online casino games than real-life sports betting. That’s because the RNG dictates what will happen next as the house edge and RTP determines your overall return. Also, there is no element of human error or feelings. So, tread carefully as the house will always have the last laugh.

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