Want to Be a Live Casino Dealer? Top Things to Know



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After launching the pioneer online casino in the mid-90s, the industry hasn't looked back. Apart from offering regular RNG games, online casinos have evolved to allow players to meet up and play live casino games under the watchful eyes of the live dealer.

Want to Be a Live Casino Dealer? Top Things to Know

But on top of providing gamers the opportunity to play the best live casino games, live casinos also offer lucrative job opportunities. One such job is a live casino dealer. So, what are the qualifications of becoming one? What is the job description? Is the pay really worth the hassle? Read on to learn!

Standard Qualifications

To be a live dealer at Evolution or any other live casino studio, you must fulfill some requirements. Here are the basic ones:

  • 18/21 years or older, depending on your jurisdiction's legal adult age.
  • Have a friendly and positive attitude.
  • Possess basic knowledge of table games.
  • Successfully pass drug and background checks.
  • Must know how to speak at least English fluently.
  • Dependable, responsible, and dedicated.
  • Stay calm under pressure.

After passing all of these requirements, you may need to undergo professional training to polish your skills. The trained professionals will explain everything, starting from posing in front of the camera to spotting cheating players.

Responsibilities of a Live Casino Croupier

Honestly, the responsibilities of a live casino croupier are overwhelming. First, the live casino will expect you to be friendly and polite to players. You should be in a position to help them out in case they are struggling with placing a bet, claiming a bonus, or using any in-game feature.

Secondly, you'll be responsible for dealing cards. After that, you'll guide the players through their first bet and ensure each bet is within the table limits. In short, you'll handle games according to the established guidelines.

Most importantly, a croupier should provide a fun, lively, and fair gaming experience to players. Apart from reminding gamers about the rules, you'll also spot cheaters and take the necessary action. And in case of player disputes, the live dealer should help find common ground.

What are the Working Hours?

Do you want some good news or bad news? Well, starting with the good news, a live casino croupier enjoys work flexibility like no other. Often, live studios operate 24/7, so croupiers work in shifts. At Evolution, for instance, shifts are divided into day, swing, and night.

As for the bad news, some working shifts can be pretty unsociable. That is, you may work when most people are asleep or during the weekends and special holidays. So, it's no all rosy.

Why You Should Work as a Live Casino Dealer

Of course, this job has a host of benefits. As said above, flexible working hours are a significant plus. Usually, shift flexibility comes with the freedom to do other things during the daytime when other people are at work.

Also, have you ever wondered how live casino dealers fund their lavish lifestyles? Yes, tips! Tipping is an essential part of casino gaming. But although most online casinos don't support this feature yet, some allow players to tip the dealer.

Lastly, most casinos offer perks on top of the weekly or monthly salary. For example, you may enjoy a ten-day paid vacation, medical cover, free annual training, and free lunch, depending on your shift. Overall, the benefits are many.

Is Becoming a Live Casino Dealer Your Thing?

As you can see, being a live croupier doesn't need a ten-page resume. You only need a likable character, dedication, and some basic casino knowledge. As for the rest, the casino operator will most likely train you on the job.

But if you find dealing with unruly players and changing shifts challenging, you may consider other casino jobs. You can be a casino manager, pit boss, security, chef, bartender, or cashier. All in all, there is something for everyone in the ever-expanding online casino industry.

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