Pros and Cons of Using American Express at Live Casinos

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American Express is a well-known company around the world that provides a range of credit and debit cards, primarily to customers within the United States. While they now operate more similarly to their rivals VISA and Mastercard, for a long time they had a sense of exclusivity and were associated with many elite figures.

Where it is available, using American Express to make a deposit is as simple as any other credit card:

  1. Open the live casino page and hit the 'deposit' button at the top of the page.
  2. Select American Express as the payment option.
  3. Enter your personal details and choose the deposit amount.
  4. Hit confirm and in most cases the funds will added to your balance instantly.
Pros and Cons of Using American Express at Live Casinos

Advantages of Using American Express at Live Casinos

  • American Express has a reputation for top-level security for all of their transactions, even compared to VISA or Mastercard. They will automatically act to secure accounts where any suspicious activity is found.
  • Where accepted, American Express deposits at live casinos are completed extremely quickly.
  • There are some casinos that offer special bonuses purely for deposits made with American Express. There are multiple casinos that have special American Express benefits that are often more substantial than regular ones.
  • There is a range of options for card types, including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and more.
  • American Express has an extremely high deposit limit up to $100,000.
  • Casinos that focus on American Express can allow up to $100,000 withdrawals when an account is also linked.
  • Casinos with American Express can be considered extremely safe as the company vets their business clients carefully.
  • There are full, 24/7 customer service options available.

Cons of Using American Express at Live Casinos

  • Limited places to use the card compared to VISA or Mastercard.
  • The cards often come with significant monthly fees. A full American Express fee table can be found on their website.
  • Making transactions can incur fees depending on the amount.
  • There is no option for making withdrawals to an American Express card if that is all that is owned.
  • It isn't uncommon for transactions to be delayed due to additional checks.

Tips for Using American Express at Live Casinos

When using American Express at live casinos, there are a few tips to keep in mind for a hassle-free experience:

  • Find a casino with a good reputation: Find a live casino that has excellent reviews and a strong reputation for things like security and customer service.
  • Check they accept American Express: For the best experience, check that the live casino accepts American Express for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Check for specific AmEx rewards and promotions: Check to see if your AmEx can get you specific bonuses when you deposit and play, such as cashback, free spins or even match bonuses.
  • Set your playing budget: Even though the deposit limit for American Express is high, you should still make sure you have a playing budget limit before you begin.

By following these tips, you can maximize the benefits of using your American Express card at live casinos while ensuring a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.


As a deposit method, American Express is not as popular as VISA or Mastercard, primarily because it isn't accepted at anywhere near as many casinos and comes with many extra fees to make use of. However, for those places where it can be used, it is extremely quick, safe, and can come with many extra bonuses on top.

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Can non-Americans get American Express?

While American Express is primarily a US-only card, it is possible for non-US people to get one, although it is much harder. There is also a version of American Express available specifically in the UK.

What kinds of fees do American Express cards have?

It's quite a long list, but for a few examples, American Express fees can range from monthly and annual fees just to keep the card active, to fees imposed for making payments to other countries, such as live casinos operating outside of the US.

Can you withdraw using an American Express card?

Whether it's a credit card or debit card, live casinos do not currently give the option to withdraw using American Express. You can make deposits but will need either a bank account or e-wallet of some kind to withdraw funds.

Is there a limit to how much can be deposited with American Express?

There is no specific deposit limit linked to American Express, however, individual live casinos and American Express themselves may have limits on individual transactions. For these, they can be found in the terms and conditions of each.

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