Top Live Casino Dealers in Europe

Online casinos with live dealers have become a vital part of the digital gaming landscape. Thanks to modern technology and an increasingly global outlook, gamblers from around the world can connect with the thrill and excitement of a live casino gaming experience. At the same time, they achieve the convenience and simplicity of gaming from their own home.

European customers have a lot of choices when it comes to this experience. They can enjoy live blackjack dealer games or play on tables with live dealers offering poker and other casino classics. The best online casinos deliver this with a customer-first focus.

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Live Dealers in Europe

Online casino games are delivered from live studios, many of which are located in Europe. These live studios are sometimes set up on an actual physical casino floor. However, in most cases, they will be dedicated studios that are separate from physical gambling locations.

Whether casino-based or studio-based, games should provide high levels of reliability and enjoyment to players.

What Parts of Europe Do Live Dealers Come From?

Live dealer casinos operate all over Europe, but their studios tend to be found in similar locations. Typically, these include locations such as Malta or locations in Eastern Europe, like Belarus or Romania.

There are two factors at play when online casinos choose a location for their live dealer studios. The first is local regulation – local authorities need to support live online casino gambling, and this support should be reliable and long-term. Online casinos don't want to suddenly find that legislation has changed and they have to move their studio.

The other factor is cost. Markets in Eastern Europe exhibit relatively low labor costs compared to other locations in the west of the continent. This makes it easier for online casinos to manage their studio costs.

Common Languages Spoken by European Live Casino Dealers

Live casino dealers need to be able to communicate with players, which means language is certainly important. Take a look at some of the most common languages spoken by European live casino dealers.


English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, and most studios will offer this as an option.


Spanish is another one of the world's most commonly heard languages, and many European live dealer casinos also support this.


The French-speaking market is an important one for live European casinos.


Live online casino gambling is only legal in one German province, but German is still a commonly offered language.


Russian is supported by many live online casinos, particularly in Eastern Europe where the Russian language is widely understood.


Chinese-speaking players – particularly Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese – are a major demographic, even in European casinos. As a result, these languages are often supported.


Arabic-speaking populations are also important to the European casino market, and this is supported by many casinos.

Other International Languages

Some casinos will offer gaming in a variety of other international languages, including Swedish, Greek and Italian among many other options.

Most important studio locations in Europe

There are many different live gaming studio locations across Europe. Here are some of the most important:


The UK's gambling regulations make the country a common location for European live casino dealer studios. Many of these studios are located in physical casinos themselves.


The Latvian capital of Riga hosts one of the biggest live dealer studios anywhere in the world, as well as other live studios.


Belgium hosts a number of casino games live-streamed from physical casinos, as well as dedicated live studios.


Denmark is a relative newcomer to the market, and live roulette games have been streamed from the country since 2018.

Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Slovakia

Many live online casino providers have studios in Romania, particularly in the capital Bucharest. Neighbouring Bulgaria also hosts live casino studios, as do Moldova and Slovakia.

Armenia and Georgia

The countries of the Caucuses are joining the live online casino movement, and several studios are hosted in Tbilisi and Batumi, Georgia, and Yerevan, Armenia.


Spain provides a number of online casino studios, including some based in physical casinos.


Many live casino software providers operate studios in Italy, particularly in the north of the country.


Maltese regulations make this a popular location for online casino game providers, some of which base their studios exclusively in the country.

What Are the Most Popular Live Dealer Games in Europe?

There is no real limit to the types of games players can enjoy when they visit live casinos. Basically, games that are available in the casino itself will be provided in a live dealer online environment too.

Choosing a live game will generally come down to a personal preference for each individual player. However, it's still useful to know which are the most popular live dealer games out there. This information can help first-time gamers as they look to get started in this environment and can assist longer-term gamers in search of a fresh challenge.

Most Important Games in European Live Casinos

Which games are the most popular among European live casino players and the European market? Discover more about some of the games players will often encounter when they visit the live casino environment.

Live Poker

For casinos offering games with live dealers, poker is a perennial favorite. This is because the game is so popular among players looking to apply their skill and experience while they gamble. Poker can be a tricky game to master, but it is among the most commonly played casino games anywhere in the world.

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack dealer online games represent a useful way for players to enjoy fast-paced gaming from the comfort of their own homes. With a gentler learning curve than poker, and with far shorter gameplay timeframes, blackjack is a popular option among players of all backgrounds.

Live Roulette

Live roulette is another casino classic that is enjoyed by players across Europe. This wheel-based game provides the same kind of fast-paced play as blackjack but provides players with a bit more variation when they connect with a live dealer casino online. Roulette is also similar to blackjack in the gentle learning curve it provides to newer players who may not yet be familiar with live casinos.

Live Sic Bo

Not all live dealer games in Europe originate from the continent itself. Increasingly, East Asian games are becoming popular among players across Europe. Some of these players are already familiar with East Asian games because they have come from this region originally or because they have family there. Other players simply want to explore a new form of gameplay. Live Sic Bo is one of the most popular live dealer games for both camps, while Dragon Tiger provides another alternative option.

Most Popular Live Dealer Software Providers in Europe

Live casino games are dependent on a strong foundation of software. This means players need to know that they are working with reputable software providers when they choose a casino and a game to play.

There are many live casino software providers in Europe, and most of these providers also have operations across the world. Learn more about some of the biggest software providers in the European market below.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is one of the major software providers in the live dealer online environment. Based in Riga in Latvia, Evolution offers a wealth of different gaming options across the continent, streaming from a variety of different locations and providing innovative software solutions.


NetEnt is a Swedish-based provider with a growing presence across Europe. The company offers reliable and secure software that powers a number of different live games.


Like Evolution, BetGames is another major software provider based in the Baltic nation. In BetGames' case, they provide software and streaming from their headquarters in Lithuania.


Ezugi is headquartered in London, England but has operational bases in locations such as Spain, Latvia and Romania too. Studio games are streamed from Malta, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia and Belgium.

Live Casino Tables with Native-speaking Dealers

Live online casinos may offer native-speaking dealers to assist gamers when they play. Discover more about what this means below.

What Is a Native-speaking Dealer?

A native-speaking dealer is a live casino dealer who speaks the player's language as a first language. In some cases, dealers may be highly proficient in a number of different languages. For example, many Eastern European live dealers will speak English and Russian at a native level, as well as speaking the language of their own country.

The common thread here is proficiency. Dealers need to be able to interact with casino gamers with a high level of language proficiency. Native language speakers have the highest levels of language proficiency, but dealers of other nationalities may be able to provide communication at an equivalent level.

Casino Gaming Languages Explained

Casino players interact with casinos in different ways.

  • They may access written support and instructions in a variety of languages.
  • They may use chat box facilities to communicate directly with dealers, and translation software can help with this.
  • They are engaged with the presence and charm of the dealer – this is where a native-speaking dealer can provide more profound connections for players.
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